A Guide to Goal Setting Strategies

Creating effective goal setting strategies is an important part of achieving success in any industry. It’s also something, the founder of EmpoweringHumanityTV.com and the magazine, know how to do. “I can and I will. Set your goals and seek what sets your soul on fire” is the heart of my goal setting strategies. To help […]

The Benefits of Vocal Coaching

There are many benefits to vocal coaching. Voices are just like every other instrument people use: it takes training to master the art of using them effectively Vocal Coaching: Not Just for Singers When it comes to vocal coaching, many people believe it’s just for singers. However, a good vocal coach can benefit anyone who […]

Facebook Live Vocal Coaching by Stephanie Thompson

Watch Stephanie Thompson’s Facebook Live Show Join us for Free Vocal coaching on Facebook Every Thursday at 7PM PST and 10PM EST. Click Here Lesson 1 – An Introduction to Your Voice Presented by Stephanie Thompson https://player.vimeo.com/video/435760695Click Here Lesson 2 – Your Body is Your Instrument Presented by Stephanie Thompson https://player.vimeo.com/video/435763250Click Here Lesson 3 – […]

Vocal Coaching by Stephanie Thompson

Vocal coaching programs: Vocal lessons available for the following styles: • Pop music• Broadway• Classical• Opera Testimonial “After working with Stephanie Thompson as my Vocal coach, my singing improved dramatically.I would highly recommend Stephanie if you’re a singer at any level.I had better breath support and my natural voice really came out so that I was singing […]


Aimmee’s willingness to be vulnerable and share intimate details of her life struck a chord in mine, and in 24 hours allowed me to breakthrough issues that had held me back for 15 years.