Empowering Humanity Magazine Update

Empowering Humanity Magazine Announces an Update

The vision of Empowering Humanity Magazine started five years ago. I knew that one day I would be including a magazine in the resources that EmpoweringHumanityTV.com offered its members. I simply didn’t know how or exactly when it would happen. However, I knew deep in my heart that this was going to bring so much value to our followers. 

A Dream Coming Together

It was so exciting to schedule a date in May. It was a blessing to see how many people were interested in this new venture. I received support and encouragement from many of my friends, family, and community! 

Experts are submitting their articles and sponsors are showing up from nowhere to assist me with the Empowering Humanity Magazine. I truly felt so blessed and grateful for the overwhelming support and love I received from everyone. 

A Decision to Delay Empowering Humanity Magazine

Last October, I began dealing with some health issues. I am getting stronger and healthier every day since then, but that experience taught me something.  I learned a huge lesson about how important it is to take my time and allow myself to breathe. That lesson is even more true when I am creating something that is going to transform many people’s lives. 

 Because of the overwhelming interest in this first issue, I want to make sure to give myself time to carefully align every detail and give Empowering Humanity Magazine the energy and focus it deserves. Therefore, I decided to push back the launch date to July 20, 2022. 

Creating a Beautiful Experience for Readers

While it’s disappointing for my team, who are eager to get this magazine out into the world, they know that it’s a great opportunity for us to take the time needed to create a beautiful experience for our readers. That will also allow us to present our sponsors and advertisers in the best light possible.  

I am so excited to continue this new journey with you. Please take a moment to sign up for your FREE digital copy of Empowering Humanity Magazine when it arrives in July. Here is the link. https://empoweringhumanitytv.com/magazine/

Featuring Articles from Experts

We have over a dozen articles collected from experts in a diverse range of fields and can’t wait to introduce them to our readers. Articles include information on serving humanity, self-development, branding & marketing, business & entrepreneurship, creative arts, health & wellness, parenting & relationships, fashion & beauty, cybersecurity & cutting-edge technology, as well as how to’s.

We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got to offer!


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