Become an Abundance Super Attractor

There was no one to teach me how to become a worthy queen and abundance super attractor when I was younger. I missed out on so many opportunities because I did not know my worth.

Losing Opportunities to Attract Abundance

My mother worked as an embroiderer in a bridal shop when I was living in Saudi Arabia. The owner wanted to pay me good money to model her wedding gowns. It was an opportunity to attract the abundance I wanted.
However, I didn’t feel good enough to work alongside the other models because of my limited education. I quit the job. I let my insecurities cost me a chance to create a better life for myself and my daughter.

Encountering an Abundance Super Attractor, Petia Kolibova

Years later, I met a young woman named Petia Kolibova. She specialized in teaching women how to overcome those insecurities and become worthy queens and abundance super attractors. Her motto is “Be Unapologetically Worthy!
I’d already discovered my own path to attracting abundance, but I recognized the value that she could bring to women who were struggling. That’s why I invited her to partner with me in sharing her online class,  “Be Unapologetically Worthy!” on our site.
If she could empower even one woman to believe in herself and avoid the struggles I faced on my journey, it would be worth it.

A Mini-Course to Overcome the Roadbloacks

Many of the women I know struggle with not feeling worthy of the things they desire. They often do not feel good enough to have the life of abundance they desire. Petia’s course is designed to help those women overcome the roadbloacks and get on the road to becoming the worthy queen and abundance super attractor they were always meant to be.

The mini-course is just five short lessons but it is jam-packed with value. Normally $197, it is less than $100 as an introductory offer. For those who struggle with feeling worthy or good enough to have the things they want in life, learn more on our site.

About Petia Kolibova

Petia Kolibova is an alignment women’s coach. She is also a certified breathwork facilitator, Reiki, NLP, & Human Design practitioner.

Her mission is to empower visionaries on the path to embody their fullest self-expression to soulfully expand into a quantum leap in all dimensions of their lives.

She guides women to intuitively connect with their inner vision. This allows them to experience personal and professional magnetism and become unapologetically abundant. Petia gives immense clarity + exact steps to unlock women’s divine feminine by adopting an abundance mindset so they can reach their next level in life and business.

When she is not interviewing fellow experts on her podcast “Unapologetically Abundant,” she is traveling the world with her husband, hosting retreats, or reading. You will also find her in nature, disconnecting from the world and connecting even deeper to herself.