Vocal lessons available for the following styles:

• Pop music
• Broadway
• Classical
• Opera

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“After working with Stephanie Thompson as my Vocal coach, my singing improved dramatically.I would highly recommend Stephanie if you’re a singer at any level.I had better breath support and my natural voice really came out so that I was singing more freely and my voice was stronger. Now I love singing even more than ever because I’m so comfortable with my technique and my confidence level is through the roof. She has the ability to really delve into your voice and bring out the best voice you have!” – Cody Herd, Organist and Singer

Stephanie’s Bio:
Stephanie Thompson is a classically trained inspirational/pop singer/songwriter, actress and voice-over artist. 

In 2014, Stephanie wrote and recorded several inspirational pop songs including a Christmas song called, “The Blessing of Christmas,” which was made into a CD and a music video where on Youtube in a period of only two weeks, it had great success. Additionally, Stephanie directed and produced two operas as well as playing the leads. She is a member of SAG/AFTRA and Actor’s Equity. 

Stephanie has sung for big organizations such as The Global Women Peace Network and Universal Peace Federation and continues today as the entertainment director and main singer for the Empowering Humanity TV Show audience with Aimmee Kodachian. Stephanie also worked with her on a song based on her message, which promotes having peace in the world called “Rise Above.” Stephanie is “An Artist Who Sings From the Heart to Touch the Soul!”