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Words from the founder Aimmee Kodachian

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to welcome you and thank you for your interest in learning about the Empowering Humanity Movement. I am so excited and happy that you made the decision to click on this page. In 2005 I realized that many people just like you wanted to make a difference in the world. They have a big heart and the vision to do so. However, they soon discover that they didn’t have the time, energy, or finances to make the contribution they desired. I witnessed many people getting overwhelmed, stressed out, and even losing interest. I believe that together we can serve humanity and make an impact in the world. We just need to find a middle ground where everyone can contribute their gifts while feeling supported and appreciated, knowing that each individual has their own unique way they are able to give. So, I was determined to find creative solutions. After many sleepless nights and prayers, I finally found the solution and I called it the “Angels” program. This program has no political or religious affiliation and it’s a place where all of us can come together as one and volunteers are able to participate in many ways without becoming overwhelmed. There is something beautiful about serving and empowering humanity. It gives you joy, peace, and a deeper spiritual fulfillment that money cannot buy. I am certain you understand that, which is why you’re here reading this and interested to learn more about this unique and amazing movement. I have developed a way for you to participate, as well as give you greater detail about the movement and what it stands for. Simply click on each question to find your answers. I would like to leave you with this… “We don’t have a choice of when it’s time for us to leave, but we do have a choice of what we leave behind.” ~Aimmee Kodachian My team and I are so looking forward to getting to know you and working with you to Empower Humanity. With Love & Light,
Aimmee Kodachian, Founder

Q&A - Easy Steps to Make an Impact in the Empowering Humanity Movement

Our commitment is to support and inspire Entrepreneurs, Families, Leaders, and People to see light through the darkness, transform their lives from Surviving to Thriving and make an impact in the world. We do so with our inspirational, educational, and transformational platform where we offer the following:

• Empowering Humanity TV Show
• Online Programs and Coaching
• Empowering Humanity Community
• Empowering Humanity Angels Program
• Healing through Music Program
• Empowering Humanity Magazine
• Networking Events
• Tears of Hope Book
• Rise Above Song

Please keep exploring and see how you can transform your life from surviving to thriving and make an impact!

Hope is “Having Open Possibilities Every Day.” – Aimmee Kodachian, Founder

EmpoweringHumanityTV.com’s mission is to inspire, educate, and transform people’s lives from surviving to thriving, helping them see light through the darkness, so they can make a powerful impact in the world. 

Through our platform we open the door to new possibilities by connecting leaders, educators, and top experts in their field with like-minded people who are willing to rise above their political and religious belief systems and participate in this incredible movement.

We believe that together we can lift the consciousness in the world by being positive examples and giving HOPE to our NEXT GENERATION and humanity.

Our vision is to gather like-minded people from around the globe to rise above their political and religious belief systems and stand up as one to spread hope to families and innocent children of the world who’ve gone through war, tragedy, or sexual, emotional, mental, and physical abuse who are crying out for love and spiritual connection.

We leverage our Empowering Humanity movement platform, educational TV show, online Classes, Community, Tears of Hope book, and “Rise Above” song to create awareness and give an opportunity through the “Angels” program for people like you to be part of this incredible movement. We believe that together we can elevate humanity’s consciousness and make a powerful impact in the world by leading our NEXT GENERATION with love, peace, and HOPE.

Simply, because the world needs someone like you who cares about Empowering Humanity. Your involvement will give so many people hope and an opportunity to see light through the darkness and inspire them to take action for a better life! Your participation in this mission will nurture your soul and give pure oxygen to the world!

The “Angels” Program is an opportunity for all of us to serve and Empower Humanity with minimal time, energy and investment.
This allows everyone to experience the joy, peace, and a deeper sense of spiritual fulfillment that comes with this work.
You can give so many people hope and an opportunity to see light through the darkness, while inspiring them to take action for a better life!
I’m inviting YOU to be one of the Angels. If you’re interested in participating, please see the subject below titled “How Can You Support The Movement?”
With Love and Light,

Aimmee Kodachian and the Team

Each month we will recognize a few of our “Angels” volunteers who will receive a $50 gift card or one of the following:

• A certificate of appreciation signed by the host and founder, Aimmee Kodachian and George Chanos, the former Attorney General of Nevada
• An autographed copy of Tears of Hope from the Founder of Empowering Humanity, Aimmee Kodachian
• Your picture and your business on our website 
• Your story in one of our newsletters
• VIP seating at our event
• And more!


In 2005, I listened to my inner voice that was telling me to write my book, Tears of Hope, to inspire others. On top of that, I continued to contribute to others with lessons I learned from my journey through my seminars, keynote speaking and coaching programs. But doing all that was not enough to fulfill my soul.

In 2012, I started a company called Empowering Souls International with a goal of Empowering Humanity to see light through the darkness. I started the company, created the logo, built a website, launchd a TV show interviewing some of the top experts in their fields, and began implementing the company’s vision and mission to empower souls around the globe.

The vision was too big for me to take on at that time in my life. Overwhelmed, I had no choice but to let go of the Empowering Souls International Company. It broke my heart, but I truly believed that everything happens for a reason. I’ve always trusted my inner voice and deep in my heart, I knew that the vision of Empowering Humanity was going to happen one day. Sure enough, in 2019, I was ready and prepared to take on the mission of Empowering Humanity.

In 2020, with the pandemic affecting the world and live events in particular, I was given the space to create new ideas and unique programs such as

• Empowering Humanity TV Show
• Online Programs and Coaching
• Empowering Humanity Community
• Empowering Humanity Angels Program
• Healing through Music Program
• Empowering Humanity Magazine
• Networking Events
• Tears of Hope Book
• Rise Above Song

Please take a moment to check out our programs and see how they are making a difference in the world and can help make a difference in your life!


I was 12 years old when the 1975 Lebanese Civil War began. One morning, I was sitting in the living room having a great conversation with my favorite brother, Robert, who was 20 years old. From nowhere, he asked me what I would like to be when I grew up. I told him my dream was to become a teacher. When he asked me, “Why?” I replied, “As you know, I have been repeating class year after year because I’m not able to focus on my classes or my homework. I have been punished and called names. In my heart, I want to become a teacher because I want everyone to feel good about themselves. I want to be the kind of teacher who reaches out and helps.” (Back then they didn’t understand what dyslexia was and the struggle that came with it),

He replied with confidence and a beautiful smile on his face, “I will help you reach your dream, Aimmee.” At that moment I felt special and was filled with love, peace, hope, and joy. I got up to get his tea from the kitchen, and not a second later, a bomb flew through the window into the living room and killed Robert right in front of my eyes. I saw my mom in the next room losing control, screaming and attempting to jump out of the window, and my father holding her back. Smoke was filling the house and the bombs kept dropping, one after another, on each floor of the 5-story building where we were living. And with each one, I was shaken to my core. On that day, I not only lost my favorite brother, but I lost my mother, emotionally and mentally. Our life turned upside down in the blink of the eye.

Peace, hope, and joy were stolen away from me, as well as everything else that mattered. We became homeless and were forced to separate—each one of us staying with a different relative or anyone else who had a heart big enough to take us in. The whole country shut down as the war started to progress. And that was the beginning of a long and harsh journey. I lived 13 years through the War where I was faced with many tragedies, obstacles, and challenges. Due to the war and my dyslexia, I had to leave school at the fourth grade. My dream and vision of becoming a teacher one day was gone. However, I made sure that my dream would never die.

Despite having only a fourth-grade education and severe dyslexia, I challenged myself to live my dream and make a difference in the world. No, I am not teaching in the classroom. But I am reaching out to people from around the world, sharing and teaching them the lessons, wisdom, and the powerful insights I learned on my journey through my book, keynote speaking engagements, seminars, online classes, and the Empowering Humanity TV Show helping them to see light through darkness and giving them hope and inspiration to live their true purpose just like I am today.

However, I did not get to where I am today because I was lucky or special. Everything I have achieved was not an easy task to take on. It took me many years and sleepless nights, heartaches, and exhaustion. Every time I took one step ahead I was ten steps behind. At times, I stopped and asked myself WHY am I putting myself and my family in difficult situations? Is it worth it for me to go through all this? Many times when I wanted to quit because I was faced with a roadblock ahead of me and I could not find solutions, God provided me with an answer and guided me to continue on my journey.

In 2005, the TV show was only a vision. However, I kept hearing my inner voice telling me I needed to start a show where people could gain knowledge and better their life. For some reason, I could not shut down my inner voice. A couple of years later, my vision turned into reality and I recorded my first show. Shortly after that, I produced two other shows. I named my show AK and the Experts. In December 2017, I took my show to a local television channel where I had a great experience. Combined with all the online opportunities that allow greater visibility, the show would now have the ability to reach out to millions of people around the globe! 

In 2019, I had the idea of having a live audience for my show and renamed it to the Empowering Humanity TV Show which became a movement. As I was building the company and refining strategies with my team to impact and serve more people, I decided to create the “Angels” Program and give individuals  the opportunity to make a difference so we can make the world a better place.

Following my intuition and my inner voice helped me to understand why God saved my life many times: So that I can provide a platform like this for people like you who are passionate about following their hearts and making a difference in the world.

I invite you to continue to follow your heart, get involved and join this movement by filling out the form below!

I greatly appreciate you for taking the time to read this long letter all the way. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

With Love & Light,

Aimmee Kodachian, Founder

By supporting EmpoweringHumanityTV.com it gives others an opportunity to transform their lives. At the same time, it’s giving you the opportunity to participate in delivering the message of hope to humanity. Our commitment is to elevate the consciousness of the world.

We donate 100% of the net profits that comes from the Tears of Hope book and “Rise Above” song to help others who are suffering through war. We will keep you our community updated by publicly announcing where the money is going.

Here are the easy steps to make a difference:
1. Like, Comment, Share and Invite friends on your social media platforms to experience the Empowering Humanity TV Show, Online Classes and Magazine or learn more about the Tears of Hope book, “Rise Above” song and mission, or the “Angels” program.
2. Come up with creative ideas to spread the word about the Movement and submit them for approval so we can help promote your idea!
3. Leave a review for the Tears of Hope book or the “Rise Above” song on Amazon, YouTube or other social media platforms.
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