Hope is “Having Open Possibilities Every Day.” – Aimmee Kodachian, Founder EmpoweringHumanityTV.com’s mission is to inspire, educate, and transform people’s lives from surviving to thriving, helping them see light through the darkness, so they can make a powerful impact in the world. Through our platform we open the door to new possibilities by connecting leaders,

educators, and top experts in their field with like-minded people who are willing to rise above their political and religious belief systems and participate in this incredible movement.

We believe that together we can lift the consciousness in the world by being positive examples and giving HOPE to our NEXT GENERATION and humanity.


Our vision is to gather like-minded people from around the globe to rise above their political and religious belief systems and stand up as one to spread hope to families and innocent children of the world who’ve gone through war, tragedy, or sexual, emotional, mental, and physical abuse who are crying out for love and spiritual connection.

We leverage our Empowering Humanity movement platform, educational TV show, online Classes, Community, Tears of Hope book, and “Rise Above” song to create awareness and give an opportunity for people like you to be part of this incredible movement. We believe that together we can elevate humanity’s consciousness and make a powerful impact in the world by leading our NEXT GENERATION with love, peace, and HOPE.

Some of the top benefits of the Empowering Humanity Community include:

1) Share your message and insights so that you’re able to make a difference in the communities and causes that matter most to you

2) Receive wisdom and powerful resources from some of the top experts in their fields to stay inspired and empowered

3) Make a bigger impact when you join hands with other community members

Together, we can lift the consciousness of the world!


Invitation to Share Your Story:

We invite and encourage everyone to share with the Empowering Humanity community short stories of:

…along with the insights gained from your experience so that others in the community might benefit from your wisdom.
We will choose a few members from those who post to become authors in our upcoming Empowering Humanity book.
Posts should be 300 words or less and include an inspiring image or video recording of you telling your story.

George Chanos

Former Attorney General of Nevada, Chairman of Capriottis, Author

Judi Moreo

Internationally Known Author, Keynote Speaker, Publisher

Mack Jackson Jr

Owner at Vanderson Cyber Group, Awareness Speaker, TV Host

Audra Hajj

International Keynote Speaker, Marketer, Founder at Ascension Exchange

Cassandra Tindal

CEO of WOM Media LLC, TV Show, and Magazine Publications Producer

SoFeya SahRa Joseph

Former Olympics Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker