“When you want a speaker, you want someone who has content, who is inspiring, and who can move your audience. Aimmee Kodachian can do that. I saw her. If you want to look really good for the speaker that you bring in, remember this name: Aimmee Kodachian. She’s got greatness in her.”

Les Brown

Legendary Motivational & Transformational Speaker and Author

I was dealing with my own personal issue when I came again across Aimmee’s speech for the 24th WFWP National Assembly speech and this time I listened more “closely” than the first time. I “felt” it even stronger than the first time that I had watched it and heard it. Aimmee’s insight unlocked the answer to what I had been struggling to find.”
“Aimmee is a heartfelt and genuine speaker who truly wants you to walk away with the message of love and compassion for yourself and towards others. I encourage you to hire Aimmee as a keynote speaker for your event. She will have you laughing one minute and deeply feeling within your heart the next. You will walk away wondering what you can do to change yourself and the world through love and compassion

Debbie Cohen

Virtual Assistant

“Aimmee, your confident and uplifting attitude is contagious! I watched your webinar and it was lovely! I received what you said as ‘Be aware and accept who you are and challenge the weaknesses.” The thought came “Be afraid and do it anyway”. I also like that you emphasize to free our mind from worrying about ‘why’, to just let the need to know go, and expect in time it will be understood. Thank you, and much blessings to you!”

Leslie Rigney,

Executive Director of LV Universal Peace Federation

Aimmee’s seminar is transformational. In a few short hours, she brings out your inner strengths with a powerful virtual mirror that will send you home a completely different person. I highly recommend Aimmee’s seminar to anyone who wants to achieve clarity, focus and a fresh start towards a purpose driven life.”

Diana Lamadrid

CEO Quantum Leap Concepts, Inc

Aimmee Kodachian and I first met as keynote speakers at the Women in Business Conference and Ball, and we have since connected on a number of other levels. I absolutely ADORE her! She is a lovely, amazing woman with a heart of gold and a deep desire to serve. Aimmee lights up the stage – and the world – with her love and wisdom. I am honored to know her and absolutely recommend her!

Emily Eldredge

Speaker, Leader, and Healer

“If Aimmee doesn’t move you, you better check your pulse.”

Dr. Sally St

John, Physician

Aimmee’s willingness to be vulnerable and share intimate details of her life struck a chord in mine, and in 24 hours allowed me to breakthrough issues that had held me back for 15 years.

Linda Addington


Judi Moreo

Don Saunders

Mack Jackson

Linda Evans




Cody Herd



Les Brown

Robin Jay

Judee Udkoff Guay

Douglas Vermeeren



Thomas Contrell

Brad Barton

Ty Bennett




Angelika Selle


Eric Johnson

James Rick

Stephanie Thompson

Brandy Miller

Lance Alred

Bejeel Parmar Testimonial

Anna Dabrowski Testimonial

My entire life I have been kept from reading books for a very powerful reason. I was not to be influenced by any other written knowledge until my knowledge in it’s pure and genuine form arrived to me on November 17, 2009 @ 6:24 AM.

I read all the time since my experience but only significant parts of books, the parts that I am suppose to read to affirm the knowledge and Insights that arrived to me.

When I was around 8 years old I read the story of Babe Ruth a totally insignificant story. It was however the first and last book I read cover to cover.

Today, I completed your book, the first book I have read cover to cover since age 8, even though I have a college education. I was drawn to your story and once I got there I could not turn back.

I found my eyes tearing throughout the book.

It was especially powerful to me as I looked into the message that was much deeper than many will see.
We must stop war, we must show compassion for everyone and we must help those that need our help.

Thank you for sharing your story with me. It was part of my training and I did not miss the message. I will be proud to share the stage with you someday soon
You are a special person, a survivor and a teacher

Don Saunders

Saunders Enterprises, LLC Author: “The Power of Knowing How Life Works

I started to read your book on my flight home to Maui. Even though I was tired I couldn’t put the book down. The first chapter really got my attention. Just the thought of losing one of my brothers brings tears to my eyes, and the way you lost yours was so tragic. Once back home I continued to read, and read, and read. Every time I reached towards your book I would be filled with heavy emotion, my eyes would well with tears remembering what I had already read. Still, I continued. I needed to get to what I hoped would be a happy ending.

The thing is from reading your story I learned that many times the road to happiness is filled with so many twists and turns that you wonder if you can go on. One night after reading more of your story, I had a dream that we were being bombed. I could see the bullets coming towards us. It lasted for about 30 seconds. I woke up with my heart pounding and out of breath. I had just experienced but a small fraction of what you went through for years. Yet, what I went through was only a dream. Aimmee, you mention throughout your book how you cried out to God. How you prayed, and prayed, when you were alone. It’s obvious to me that He heard your prayers. I believe that God always answers our prayers. I also believe that God gives us free choice and with these choices come consequences. Countries around the world make choices that affect their people in terrible ways. So many innocent people die as a result of these choices. God spared your life for a reason. You have been through so much, yet you never gave up. It may have taken you awhile to get where you are today but because of this you are stronger and more knowledgeable about the things of this world. Now you can use all of this to encourage and inspire people not to give up on themselves and especially not to give up on God. Like you say, everyone has a story. Everyone can use their story to help others. I pray that you take your book (your life) and use it for God’s Honor and Glory. If you do this, You and your family will be blessed, blessed, blessed, for that is His promise. Thank you for your time. I hope to meet you some day. God Bless.

Cathy Steen

A story of Tears and of Hope, A riveting tale that leads the reader through war, death, injustice, tragedy, obstacles, abuse and darkness to a final destination of triumph. How much can one young girl endure and still find hope? This book is not only inspiring, but sobering. It’s a story that pricks the conscience, delves the soul, strengthens the spirit, and touches the heart.

Paul A Williams

Hi my name is Maral Kaprielian. I am writing this letter as testimony to my dear friend who I think of like a sister, Aimmee Kodachian. When I started reading her book “Tears of Hope” I went 30 years back when her father which is my dads relative came to my dad asking him for help during the Lebanese civil war. When I met Aimmee, she was about 13 years old. She was a tall beautiful girl. She had a sad pale face. Aimmee has lived a very difficult life, but not without a purpose. I was there for her as much as I could be . When she got married I was her maid of honor. I thought her life would get better, but when I witnessed her new life “Chapter 5″ My heart dropped I was shocked at how she was being treated and that was just the beginning of her long harsh life. I am so happy she came through those days and her life has changed, she truly is a special woman through her courage and perseverance it is truly an inspiration for so many of us .

Maral Kaprielian

Tears of Hope deals with the reality of extraordinary challenges. This is a story about someone who faced severe adversity and tragedy, yet did not allow those experiences to dictate a course of failure. Instead, Aimmee held on to her hope and dreams to overcome her struggles and create a life of success and triumph!

Pastor Danny Hand

Christian City Church, Las Vegas

Hi my name is Daphne. Last night I sat and read your book until 3:00am. The way you were treated as a young teenager opened a floodgate of memories. I believe if war was necessary it would be easier to swallow, but none of what you described served any purpose other than vanity, jealousy, greed and anger. Thank you for your lovely story of faith and hope. Thank you also for doing the thing you feared most…finding an audience with your writing.

Daphne Gastis

Hi. My name is Anne. I read your book and could not put it down. What a tremendous story. You are a woman of such great strength – I admire you and what you have endured during the years. Yours is a book everyone should read. It touched my soul and somehow I could feel your pain and anguish. At times, it brought tears to my eyes – you are truly an INSPIRATION TO ALL WOMAN

AnneMarie Ortega

I don’t like to read, but for some reason I couldn’t put this book down, as cliché as it sounds. To know that someone overcame all these things, and came out a brave and strong woman, is more than just inspirational. She covers many topics from dyslexia to the crises in the middle east, to abuse, love, hate, disrespect, family, life, death and everything in between. She’s experienced everything with no stability, no luxury, no happiness. The book helps you see how much you take your own life for granted. I loved every single page of it. It shows you the importance of family, the importance of being able to rely on yourself and no one else. It’s about strength, sacrifice, and love. I’d recommend it everyone and anyone.

Sarin K.

Aimmee’s book is truly inspiring and needs to be shared. For too long, the horrors of war and abuse have been hidden or mitigated for the benefits of the perpetrators, leaving the victims in shame and perplexity. It took great courage to speak up, especially coming from a Middle Eastern culture. Aimmee has done so beautifully in her book ‘Tears of Hope’, showing the devastation brought about by events beyond her control, yet with an unshakable hope she can now share with others. Through her book, we realize that it is possible to overcome life’s greatest challenges, and move out of hopelessness into a truly empowered life.

Danielle J Duperret


Tears of Hope -Unbelievably motivating and inspiring.
I, Dr. Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky, as a certified master life and career coach, award winning host of Vision of Success Talk Radio on the AWOP/AMOP network, Raven International Media Productions, listened to by over 3.5 million people and growing in 128 countries, who has guided over 1,000+ individuals in 6 countries in the last 15 years alone, don’t read absolutely every book, in their entirety, that people send to me. But, “ Tears of Hope” by Aimmee Kodachian is that rare read you can’t put down!

Dr. Fred Simkovsky

CMCP “Make a Difference in this World- You Matter

Aimmee’s story is a must-read for Americans yearning to sense the reality of life in war-torn Middle Eastern countries. It’s a story of forgiveness, resilience and ultimately transformation…how these redemptive qualities can lead to the realization of life’s dreams, even when born out of the most devastating circumstances. It’s hard to say, “I loved this book,” for I cannot love the things that brought it about. I can say I love that Aimmee shared this powerful story and with it, reminded us all of the power of love. Thank you, Aimmee!

Cat Schelling

Reader, Irvine, California

Life’s challenges no matter how unpleasant, are opportunities to reveal who we are and what we are meant to do. Aimee demonstrates as long as you are listening to the higher self and ready to answer to a higher calling, all experiences serve an important purpose, even if its not clear at the time they are happening.

Aimmee discovered through her great trials, you always hold the key to your own freedom. Her story is something of a wonder for her to not only be alive, but to be such a positive force in the service of others. She is a light that has shined through the dark times of war and continues to illuminate a path to living a better life.

If you want to know see how ANY major challenge or set back in life can be used as fuel for your Soul’s journey, read Aimee’s book Tears of Hope

James Rick Stinson

Founder of FullPotential.com, “Mr. Full Potential

As a Minister and a Pastor, I have ministered to men, women and even teenagers. Many of the stories I’ve heard would break your heart. However, none has ever touched me as deeply as Aimmee’s story. Not taking away from any of those other stories, I must however say that “Tears of Hope” is one of the most compelling stories of tragedy, strength and courage I’ve ever heard or read.

“Tears of Hope” is a glimpse into what faith, love and courage can overcome. It’s a story everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, nationality or even financial status, can relate to, and benefit from at some level. “Tears of Hope” is billed as the story of a Middle Eastern Cinderella. I’m here to tell you that Aimmee’s story makes Cinderella’s story look like a walk in the park. It is by far more compelling because it’s not a fairytale but the true story of an amazing woman’s struggles to overcome what seemed like insurmountable obstacles in her life. She teaches us that anything is possible if you don’t lose faith in God and you don’t give up. I encourage everyone to read this wonderfully inspiring true story of an amazingly strong and courageous woman. Let her story encourage and inspire you. May the Lord always keep you in His right hand of righteousness

Rev. Maria J Boyd

Capstone Ministries

This is the story of a woman of our time who rose above and mastered unimaginable human suffering and despair, faced impossible situations and was able to transform the most daunting obstacles into a path of light for others.
This is a book whose time has come!

Angelika Selle President

Women's Federation For World Peace" USAandVice-President WFWP International (North America)

We all have a story — a story of heartache and triumph. Aimmee’s story of unspeakable hardships and tribulations from early childhood and her relentless will to survive is a true testament to the power of the human Spirit. While it would be easy to fall into a state of sympathy for her misfortunes, that is not what Aimmee wants to accomplish with her message. Her message of love, forgiveness, hope, and peace shall inspire her readers to take a different look at their life.

I was moved by Aimmee’s heartfelt belief that she was chosen to carry on her challenges to prepare for her special destiny in the future — to empower humanity! Like Victor Frankl was able to transform the horrors of the Holocaust to remind us of the power of purpose, Aimmee’s story brings us the message of hope. But unlike Frankl, Aimmee accomplished her feats with just a fourth-grade education! Her wisdom is raw and authentic, her writing style is exquisite, and will touch the very core of your being. Don’t let one tear drop without hope to fulfill your purpose in life.

SoFeya Joseph

Founder, and Creator of i’MAGiNT LiFE, Author, of “Choreography of Awakening,” International Speaker, Former Olympic Coach

Oh my goodness…clarity – confirmation – inspiration – insights – tools – motivation – loved this seminar Aimmee…thanks ever-so for sharing who you are so we can explore more of who we are!!! loved it! Love you!!! Keep going…”

Jan Dunnagan

Author of “You Get It When You Get It”

My income increased $35,000 after I received coaching from Aimmee. What an inspiring and methodical instructor Aimmee is… I am so looking forward to another successful year. Because of her guidance and the ongoing success in my business and personal life, I follow everything Aimmee teaches. I highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their life or business, to check out what Aimmee has to offer!

Cindie Schum

Permanent makeup artist & teacher

“In a world filled with experts and speakers, Aimmee Kodachian is truly unique one of a kind. What’s amazing and powerful about her classes is that Aimmee shares her engaging lessons, insights and wisdom that she learned throughout her incredible journey.
After finishing the classes, I felt more inspired, informed and focused. Seeing my life and business from a different perspective helped me get clear on what I want, know my why, and work toward making it happen.
Life only rewards action. Investing in these classes is a small price to pay for all the rewards and change that you will receive.’

Eric Johnson

Social Media Strategist and Art Of The Lead Creator

I thought by having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of life that I had exactly what I needed to achieve success in life. Aimmee quickly showed me that having a solid foundation is only part of achieving one’s greatness. She walks us through each of our preconceived notions that are blocking us from moving forward, then shows us how to retrain our mind with the correct mindset to approach each hurdle, slowly transforming the way our minds overcome prior mind blocks, which now have become smaller obstacles we can overcome.Thanks to Aimmee for showing me how to transform my approach to handling different situations. In a magical way, she makes sense of situations of how the human mind works and gives us a way to work around these blocks we commonly come across. The knowledge I learned from this course is priceless! Thank you, Aimmee Kodachian

Miro Merhi


From the first time I heard Aimmee speak at one of her events, I knew this lady had something Special. That special day, Aimmee touched my life in many ways. She opened my mind and heart, which caused me to start focusing on my purpose in life.

Recently I called upon her expertise to help me take my Vision to the next level. I was so glad I did because once again, Aimmee used her Amazing talent. She was able to help me turn my program from a good idea to a great, powerful, needed program. This was all done by using a simple solution (simple for Aimmee) by presenting the program through a different perspective. I know Aimmee has a Special Ability that can help you with your mission by Guiding you and giving you a clear Direction to your destination.

Rev. Maria Boyd

Founder/President of Capstone Ministries International, Helping Your Community Be Safe through our “New Future Program”

If you had met me in 2011, you would not recognize me as the same person I am today. I had no clear direction for my business or personal life. I was dealing with doubts and frustration that were holding me back. I was lucky to be one of the first to get access to Aimmee’s teaching. She took me under her wing, guided me, and gave me Tools, Techniques, Steps, and Clear Direction to discover my Negotiator Mind™. She transformed my life and helped me to get out of my own way and step into the successful life I have now! Aimmee has a very unique and effective way of teaching. I have no doubt that if you let Aimmee help you get to know your Negotiator Mind™, you will be able to see and experience amazing results in your business or personal life!

Stephanie Thompson

Singer/ Songwriter, TV Host, Actress and Vocal Coach

A lot of coaches have told me what I WANTED to hear. Not what I NEEDED. I must admit that there was a little bit of sting when Aimmee was telling me what I needed to hear. But it didn’t take me too long to realize how INTELLIGENT she was. Aimmee starts from the inside out. She showed me the process and gave me the tools that helped me in my business as well as personal life. I learned from Aimmee more than I have ever learned from COLLEGE!

Josh Carpenter

CEO at Impact Image Marketing

Communities are the essence of social engagement. They’re where we learn, teach, make connections, form relationships, and thrive. Aimmee Kodachian has created the Empowering Humanity TV show, with a live audience, to provide a community for people who want to create positive change, learn, network and interact, in furtherance of their own goals and in service to others. It’s an entertaining and empowering opportunity that’s well worth your time and support

George Chanos

Former Attorney General of Nevada

Aimmee Kodachian has done it again. Her TV show “Empowering Humanity” does exactly that…empowers! Her guests are entertaining, educational, and exciting. The interviews are incredibly well done. But actually, the show is more than a show, it is an event. The live audience gets an opportunity to network with other members of the audience as well as the guests on the show. Now tell me, what other show does that? Aimmee is building a culture of positive individuals who are making every effort to make the world a better place. She certainly deserves all of our support

Judi Moreo

Internationally Known Author

I very much enjoyed meeting like minded people, learning from your TV guests, seeing the excitement of everyone who received the generous gifts from the raffle tickets and listening to the four beautiful songs by Stephanie Thompson. At the same time I felt that I was participating and being part of Empowering Humanity and making a difference in the world. I walked away inspired, happy and uplifted! Thank you Aimmee for creating this opportunity for all of us to be part of something beautiful!”

Petia Kolibova


I am so grateful to be part of this enlightening initiative. Empowering Humanity Show brings together the leaders in the community and awakened people. It raises awareness about intentional living and empowers people to follow their truth. Our community needs a lot of light and this show helps bring it to Humanity

Ava Mucikyan

Owner of The Salt Room in Las Vegas

Aimmee, as always, you have been an inspiration to me. From the bottom of my heart I wanted to thank you so much for inviting me to your TV show live audience event. I felt so uplifted and inspired by the insights I learned from you and your guests. It gave me hope and opened my mind and I started to see the possibilities and the opportunities I can have in my life. Since that day I have been telling everyone about your show and what it has to offer. I can’t thank you enough for creating something amazing for us to grow and be the best we can be

Cody Herd

You have something special. You have greatness in you. Hello, my name is Les Brown. When you want a speaker, you want someone who has content, who is inspiring, and who can move your audience. Aimmee Kodachian can do that. I saw her. If you want to look really good for the speaker that you bring in, remember this name: Aimmee Kodachian. This is Les Brown, this is Mamie Brown’s baby boy. She’s got greatness in her, and so do you. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it

Les Brown

Speaker and Author