How Do We Become Strong & Confident From Within

“How Do We Become Strong & Confident From Within?” by: Pragito Dove First, be one with yourself. Accept yourself. Love yourself. Society conditions, educates, and “civilizes” each of us in such a way that we begin to condemn ourselves. For example, society states that you should not be sad. You should be happy. If your […]

Are You Afraid of Failure

“Are You Afraid of Failure?” By Judi Moreo People can be so afraid of failure that they do unimaginable things to avoid it. They avoid taking any chances because if they try something and it doesn’t work out, they think will be looked upon as a failure. To make matters worse, we often see successful […]

Music and the Brain

“Music and the Brain” By: Stephanie Thompson As I mentioned in a previous article, neurologists have found that music activates the brain in unique ways. According to Kathleen M. Howland, a Speech and Music Therapist, babies and newborns can detect the beats in music and sea chanties were used to bring sailors together to complete […]

You Are In Control Of Your Success!

You Are In Control Of Your Success! By: Aimmee Kodachian Have you ever felt helpless, yet your intuition told you you will make it? You can imagine how helpless, powerless, and afraid I felt when I came to America with my 10-year-old daughter to support and less than $200 in my pocket, no work skills, […]

Discover How to End Limiting Beliefs

Discover How to End Limiting Beliefs By Judi Moreo Are limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your goals? You can end them if you want to. Limiting beliefs are often ingrained within us from a very young age. You may feel that you can’t do math as you weren’t good at it in school […]

How To Stay Positive in Challenging Times (5 Steps)

Are you having trouble staying in a positive state of mind when challenging circumstances present themselves? The Universal Laws state: so without, so within. Everything is a mirror. We cannot change the reflection, but we can change the original (ourselves), and then, automatically, the reflection changes. Here are my top 5 Keys that can help […]

Taking Chances for Bigger Thrills

Taking Chances for Bigger Thrills By Judi Moreo People want to be safe in everything they experience. We always want to see if others experienced something before we decide to pursue that experience ourselves. But the very idea of staying safe can actually bring us to a point of not living the life we really […]

Do You Practice What You Preach

Do You Practice What You Preach? Stephanie Thompson Do you practice what you preach?  I had occasion the other day to really take that to heart. The Thompson family of which I’m a prominent member, has a history of trick backs.  I recently went to the doctor and described my back pain and where it […]

Rise Above_ A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope By: Aimmee Kodachian We are so excited to announce that the founder of the, Aimmee Kodachian, will soon release the new version of the “Rise Above” song/a message of hope for humanity, a big project she has been working on for the last ten years.   On Memorial Day, May […]