“Benefits of Living a Purposeful Life” By Judi Moreo

Benefits of Living a Purposeful Life

By Judi Moreo

Instead of settling for an ordinary life, why not create a life that is focused and purposeful…one that brings you joy, excitement, and fulfillment? There are many benefits to discovering your main interest, passion project, or purpose in life. Don’t you deserve to live an extraordinary life?


Identifying what is of interest to you and gives you purpose will motivate and encourage you to gain new skills. You’ll find you are motivated to learn and grow so you can meet the goals you set for yourself. Identifying your purpose is a powerful self-development tool in itself. It will provide you with the opportunity to grow and develop as a person.


Increased focus is one of the major benefits of following your passion and living a purposeful life. This is because you will have identified exactly what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. Goal setting and planning are invaluable tools and help you create positive change in yourself and your life.


Having a purpose that drives you and is your inspiration for creating change in your life will provide the momentum to keep moving forward toward your goals. Constantly monitoring your progress against your goals and plans will motivate you to continue to progress. You will want to feel the success of achieving targets and goals at each step of your journey.

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“The Quickest Way to Double and Triple Your Business” By Tim Zimmerman

The Quickest Way to Double and Triple Your Business 

By Tim E Zimmerman

In looking at ways to increase my own, and my clients’ productivity and profitability, and in order to double and triple sales and income, I have practiced and trained in most all of the modern and ancient techniques available. I have also found and re-developed information and training that refrain from being in the mainstream. Here are some of the Keys that we work on in the SM3 Success MindSet Mastery Training Program.

First, understand and practice the SM3 Five Laws of Manifestation:

  1. Thoughts – What you think about, you bring about. “Thoughts are things, incredibly real things,” wrote Napoleon Hill in the classic “Think and Grow Rich.”
  2. Words – Watch the words that you speak. Your thoughts create the words that you speak to yourself and to others. “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds,” wrote Zoroaster 4,000 years ago.
  3. Belief – “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” Napoleon Hill. “As you believe in your heart, it is done unto you,” is a saying of Jesus.
  4. Decide – Decision is the seventh step to riches according to Mr. Hill in his best-seller “Think and Grow Rich.” If you are unsure what you want, how can you manifest it?
  5. Action/Deeds – if you refrain from taking action, nothing will happen.

The above are called the Five Laws of Manifestation since if you refrain from doing any one of the Laws, you will refrain from Conscious Deliberate Manifestation.

For instance, if you refrain from thinking about something to manifest, are you going to consciously manifest it? Answer – No.

If you think about something to manifest, yet you refrain from talking about it (to yourself and others), are you going to consciously manifest it? Answer – No.

If you think about it, talk about it, yet refrain from believing about it, are you going to consciously manifest it? Answer – No.

If you think about it, talk about it, believe about it, yet refrain from deciding about it, are you going to consciously manifest it? Answer – No.

If you think about it, talk about it, believe about it, decide about it, yet take zero action about it, are you going to consciously manifest it? Answer – No.

So, you have to use all Five Laws together in order to Consciously Deliberately Manifest what you want in life.

Yet answer this, where do your thoughts come from in the first place?


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“Hidden Secrets to Boosting Your Immune System” By Shirley Z. Stirling, PhD

“Hidden Secrets to Boosting Your Immune System”

By: Shirley Z.Stirling, PhD

“Disclaimer: This article is for educational and entertainment purposes only”

Regardless whether the season is Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, we are all part of the great progression of the seasons. Each season carries its express purpose and each of us is an intricate part of all that is.

We each have one hundred trillion cells that keep us happy, healthy and move us from knowledge to wisdom. One of the most fascinating systems within our miraculous forms is our immune system. Now is a perfect time to discover some of the secrets of the immune system that can assist us to move forward in the most amazing ways.

For instance, we all know that Vitamin C is very important for our immune system but few people actually know that ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C. It is a compound that your liver has to process and turn into useful Vit C. Most people will take 1,000 mg of this vitamin and think “ok great!” I took my Vitamin C. The truth is you must take at least 4,000 mg a day before it actually becomes medicinal. In this article, we will go through some of the best ways to boost your immune system and yes…prevention is always the best way.

Please feel free to take notes as we go through some foods and herbs that may enhance your well-being and support your immune system.

First, if we are going to be sharing secrets, lets start with the fact that 70% of your lymphatic system resides in your gut! Really? Yes! This means the health of your digestive system is directly tied in with the health and well-being of your immune system. It is a fact that is not often openly discussed.

Secondly, please know your pancreas takes some of its instructions from your liver so you must get your liver in tip top shape.

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“Why First Impressions Matter” By Eliz Nestorov

Why First Impressions Matter

By: Eliz Nestorov

Looking good is important to people throughout the world. Recent studies have shown that physical appearance is important in terms of happiness, social life and the ability to get ahead. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines image as a mental conception of a person or organization. In other words, image is the belief that we have about someone or something. It may be the impression we form when meeting someone new, or it may be an individual’s or company’s reputation that has developed over time. Our impressions about other people may be based on how they look, talk or behave. A person’s overall image may consist of a variety of factors including their clothing, grooming, tone of voice, vocabulary, facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, and social behaviors known as etiquette. Just as individuals have an image, so do companies. While public opinion about a corporation can be influenced by advertising, there are many other factors involved in developing a company’s image. Image matters because people often make assumptions based on limited information. Developing excellent communication skills is absolutely essential to effective leadership. The leader must be able to share knowledge and ideas to transmit a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to others. If a leader can’t get a message across clearly and motivate others to act on it, then having a message doesn’t even matter.

There are certain techniques and tools used to help us with creating our professional image aka our self-brand. The ABC’s of a professional imprint are: A-appearance or how we look, B-behavior or how we act, and C-communication or how we talk. A professional imprint, which is a major part of your personal branding, requires all three components:

Appearance – your total look, the way you present yourself from head to toe, what others see when they see you.

Behavior –  your attitude and the way you behave that makes a significant difference in how others see and judge you.

Communication – your ability to communicate with others, for better or worse.

What you do and say contributes to the impression you make.. However, if you mess up with your appearance first, it will be harder for you to be perceived as professional based on your behavior or communication skills afterwards. Therefore, appearance first! Your image is the first thing immediately available to others.

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GOODBYE EQUALITY, HELLO HARMONY Women Empowering Men’s Lives for Humanity’s Benefit By Dr. Pauline Crawford, PHD


Women Empowering Men’s Lives for Humanity’s Benefit

By Dr Pauline Crawford, PHD, Founder of Corporate Heart International.

In today’s post pandemic world, I wonder if women can rise courageously – without antagonism – and accept the mandate to empower a transition to Authentic Harmony between men and women? Could a subtle shift in direction be how women empower men to become wise men; men utilizing positive masculinity to guide affairs in an inclusive, compassionate manner, acknowledging all contributions as valid, equivalent, and valuable?

Saying Goodbye to Equality is by no means rejecting all great achievements in the sphere of women’s rights. I celebrate and am grateful for where we are now. Is it time, however, to co-create a new landscape and language for humanity as we move toward a future of mutually beneficial choices.

Women know that life is neither equal nor balanced. We are half of the world population, yet with only half the control! There are women holding political and corporate leadership positions, but the percentage is minimal and considering the last 100 years, we are far from achieving joint custody economically or socially.

Women came into a man’s world at the outset of WW2 and took on major roles that helped win the war.  They decided not to leave as life returned to normal.  The stage was finally set for the fight for their rights to continue_._ Women have fought with men who never wanted equality for much too long. The fight has been, and still is, tough and arduous. My question is must it be so? Surely empowered women are agile, strategic, sensitive, strong, savvy in business and the keepers of family harmony? I believe women want to maintain their natural harmonic song together w_ith men._

  • Women are natural relationship builders, and increasingly creating successful businesses
  • Half of the world’s population – 49.59% are women – and 2.2 of the 3.9 billion are mothers
  • “Every human being is some mother’s child” and only women are capable of reproducing

My purpose on this planet is to evolve a new human awareness on multiple levels including emotional and spiritual levels as mindful feelings become a valuable driver for accepting women as equal and different. Acknowledging that women have yet to gain full equality is the next step forward. The argument of women’s inequality and marginalization is undoubtedly a trigger issue for tension and continued fighting for justice.

In my current experiences across the globe, talking with men and women about progress on this topic, through a movement called Positive Masculinity, I’ve learned that there is an opportunity now to co-create a _Joint Custody World t_hat serves all purposes – economic, social, and spiritual – for empowering humans to love one another therein achieving harmony.


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What Does It Mean When You are “Going Pro®”? By: Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

What Does It Mean When You are “Going Pro®”?

By: Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

A professional is not defined by the business he is in, but rather by the way he is in business.

In other words, how he does it.

Here are the 5 defining factors in whether you are a Professional in your field:

  1. You are Highly Educated for what you do.
  2. Your education is Never-ending, Life-long and Continual.
  3. You do it as a Service to others.
  4. You do it for Pay.
  5. You perform according to a set of Ethical Standards.

If you are a true Pro, then those five qualifiers apply to you.

You can choose to turn Pro in your field. No matter what you do for a living, you can choose to become a professional at doing it. But, be aware, when you declare that you are “Going Pro®”, the rules you operate by, and the expectations placed upon you will rise. Amateurs and hobbyists don’t operate by the same rules. A Pro intentionally takes on more responsibility and accountability in order to advance.

Step one in Going Pro® is to select your level of aspiration. How high on the mountain do you want to climb? We all aspire to something that is better than where we are today, but the highest levels of achievement require much more commitment from you than the lower ones.

To which of these levels do you aspire in your field?

  • Competent
  • Excellent
  • Mastery
  • Leading Authority
  • Celebrity
  • Star
  • SuperStar

All of these are worthy of respect and any is OK for you to choose. Determine now which one you really want to commit to achieving…


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“Remain Calm Even In The Midst Of Chaos (Yes! It is possible!)” By Pragito Dove

Remain Calm Even In The Midst Of Chaos
(Yes! It is possible!)

By Pragito Dove CCH, MDE

Being calm isn’t always easy, let alone when chaos erupts around you. The magic key is that you have to cultivate a practice of being calm – and that practice must be consistent.

Consistency is the key. More important than the length of time your practice is, do it consistently, every day. Three minutes every day will bring you the results you want quicker than one hour of practice once a week.

Here are eight tips to help you on your way:

1. Make a decision to create calm in your life – even when life gets chaotic. This decision is powerful in helping you maintain your daily practice. Know this is possible to achieve, even if it seems impossible when you start. Keep going and the results will come. Don’t give up. If you forget one day, start again the next day.

2. Breathe consciously as often as you remember. Take three deep breaths when you get up, in the shower, waiting for your coffee, driving in traffic, sitting at your desk…whenever you remember throughout your day. Three deep breaths.

Ignore negative thoughts trying to undermine your practice. Breathing is the cornerstone of remaining calm, relaxed and at ease. Your body is always breathing! The key is to sync up your mind to your body, so they are working together, rather than at odds with each other.

When the body and mind are disconnected, stress is created. Breathing is the simplest, easiest way, to reconnect your body/mind. An added bonus – breathing is free!

3. Take time for yourself – every day. To stay sane, you must take at least a few minutes, 5 – 15 – 30 minutes or more is better, to be with yourself. Go outside, take a walk, look at the sky, the trees, the flowers, listen to the birds. Allow the stress of the day to slip off your shoulders and savor some moments of joy.

4. Process your emotions. If you are upset about something, or with someone, give yourself time to recognize the emotions and allow them.(through Expressive Meditation Techniques, or punch some pillows, go for a run, etc.) It’s important not to stuff emotions, and also not to start yelling at someone who has hurt you. Rather, wait…express the emotions privately, and then, when you feel more calm, express how you are feeling to a friend, family member, or, if possible, to the person who upset you.


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“The Family as Human Trafficking Prevention” By Adia Lancaster

The Family as Human Trafficking Prevention

By Adia Lancaster

Once her mom pulled into the driveway, Pam raced out of the car and straight into her room, shut the door, plopped on her bed, and began to speed text her new love interest. Even though they met only a few weeks ago, Pam feels she’s known Jay since grade school. He’s the only person that gets her. Jay always lets her know how much he loves all her quirks, even though she despises herself for them. He understands that she is old enough to make her own decisions and shares her disgust for her parents, who are too controlling. He gets that it’s not easy being 14 and entirely ignored by her old group of friends, but she has him now, and they can brave the world together.

Jay asks to meet in person. Pam is nervous but crazy excited. She has to make it work out somehow, but how? Well, her parents have no idea what’s been going on with her and her friends at school; for all they know, they think she’s still good friends with Lisa. Pam hatched a plan to ask her parents if she could sleep over at Lisa’s to meet Jay. Pam’s parents agree to let her spend the night at Lisa’s. She quickly packs her things, shouting to her parents that she’s leaving. Hurriedly bouncing out the door, Pam’s heart is beating out of her chest as she walks to the corner where Jay said he’ll pick her up. As Pam reaches the corner, a car pulls up with the windows down, and an older guy she doesn’t recognize tells her to get in. Pam is terrified and freezes, not knowing what to do – run away or go with this strange man? He tells her that he’s Jay and is finally happy to meet Pam. Pam hesitates, opens the car door, and gets in.

Pam, who was reported missing by her parents, was commercially sexually exploited and sold online for two weeks until they reunited with her.

Commercial sexual exploitation is a form of human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking. Also known as modern-day slavery, human trafficking happens when a person is controlled through force, fraud, or coercion to exploit them for personal or commercial gain. Since Pam was a minor and induced to perform commercial sex acts, the critical components of force, fraud, or coercion don’t apply to her, making her automatically a victim of sex trafficking.

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