Women Empowering Men’s Lives for Humanity’s Benefit

By Dr Pauline Crawford, PHD, Founder of Corporate Heart International.

In today’s post pandemic world, I wonder if women can rise courageously – without antagonism – and accept the mandate to empower a transition to Authentic Harmony between men and women? Could a subtle shift in direction be how women empower men to become wise men; men utilizing positive masculinity to guide affairs in an inclusive, compassionate manner, acknowledging all contributions as valid, equivalent, and valuable?

Saying Goodbye to Equality is by no means rejecting all great achievements in the sphere of women’s rights. I celebrate and am grateful for where we are now. Is it time, however, to co-create a new landscape and language for humanity as we move toward a future of mutually beneficial choices.

Women know that life is neither equal nor balanced. We are half of the world population, yet with only half the control! There are women holding political and corporate leadership positions, but the percentage is minimal and considering the last 100 years, we are far from achieving joint custody economically or socially.

Women came into a man’s world at the outset of WW2 and took on major roles that helped win the war.  They decided not to leave as life returned to normal.  The stage was finally set for the fight for their rights to continue_._ Women have fought with men who never wanted equality for much too long. The fight has been, and still is, tough and arduous. My question is must it be so? Surely empowered women are agile, strategic, sensitive, strong, savvy in business and the keepers of family harmony? I believe women want to maintain their natural harmonic song together w_ith men._

  • Women are natural relationship builders, and increasingly creating successful businesses
  • Half of the world’s population – 49.59% are women – and 2.2 of the 3.9 billion are mothers
  • “Every human being is some mother’s child” and only women are capable of reproducing

My purpose on this planet is to evolve a new human awareness on multiple levels including emotional and spiritual levels as mindful feelings become a valuable driver for accepting women as equal and different. Acknowledging that women have yet to gain full equality is the next step forward. The argument of women’s inequality and marginalization is undoubtedly a trigger issue for tension and continued fighting for justice.

In my current experiences across the globe, talking with men and women about progress on this topic, through a movement called Positive Masculinity, I’ve learned that there is an opportunity now to co-create a _Joint Custody World t_hat serves all purposes – economic, social, and spiritual – for empowering humans to love one another therein achieving harmony.


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