Remain Calm Even In The Midst Of Chaos
(Yes! It is possible!)

By Pragito Dove CCH, MDE

Being calm isn’t always easy, let alone when chaos erupts around you. The magic key is that you have to cultivate a practice of being calm – and that practice must be consistent.

Consistency is the key. More important than the length of time your practice is, do it consistently, every day. Three minutes every day will bring you the results you want quicker than one hour of practice once a week.

Here are eight tips to help you on your way:

1. Make a decision to create calm in your life – even when life gets chaotic. This decision is powerful in helping you maintain your daily practice. Know this is possible to achieve, even if it seems impossible when you start. Keep going and the results will come. Don’t give up. If you forget one day, start again the next day.

2. Breathe consciously as often as you remember. Take three deep breaths when you get up, in the shower, waiting for your coffee, driving in traffic, sitting at your desk…whenever you remember throughout your day. Three deep breaths.

Ignore negative thoughts trying to undermine your practice. Breathing is the cornerstone of remaining calm, relaxed and at ease. Your body is always breathing! The key is to sync up your mind to your body, so they are working together, rather than at odds with each other.

When the body and mind are disconnected, stress is created. Breathing is the simplest, easiest way, to reconnect your body/mind. An added bonus – breathing is free!

3. Take time for yourself – every day. To stay sane, you must take at least a few minutes, 5 – 15 – 30 minutes or more is better, to be with yourself. Go outside, take a walk, look at the sky, the trees, the flowers, listen to the birds. Allow the stress of the day to slip off your shoulders and savor some moments of joy.

4. Process your emotions. If you are upset about something, or with someone, give yourself time to recognize the emotions and allow them.(through Expressive Meditation Techniques, or punch some pillows, go for a run, etc.) It’s important not to stuff emotions, and also not to start yelling at someone who has hurt you. Rather, wait…express the emotions privately, and then, when you feel more calm, express how you are feeling to a friend, family member, or, if possible, to the person who upset you.


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