John Ryan

Stephanie Thompson is a wonderful teacher. She is patient, kind, and has a sparkling knack for helping her students reach the fullest of their potential. She helped me broaden my confidence and vocal range, and she helped me appreciate the most beautiful musical instrument on earth – the human voice.

Kory Muniz

After seeing a Facebook post from Stephanie Thompson I was lead to take the leap. As a former Geek in school and the girl singer in a couple of bands in school, it was a long time that my voice had any training and my range has shortened dramatically. Since the lockdowns I haven’t been able to do my usual karaoke and my range got even smaller and my breathing was no longer sustained enough to control my voice the way I knew I should be able too.
I felt and heard a definite difference from the very first class. I was embarrassed but Stephanie’s gentle and kind personality cheered me on with her big smiles and words of praise and encouragement. My classes with Stephanie are a pleasure that I look forward to every week. I know that she will kick my but in all the best ways and I will come out of each class knowing that I have spent my time well and achieved something for myself. Thank you Stephanie. You are a Godsend. I wholeheartedly would recommend Stephanie Thompson’s class to anyone wanting to learn how to control their gift of song or anyone wanting to fine-tune what they already have.

Sue Lee

“After seeing Stephanie’s Facebook live Voice lessons, I found the courage and saw the value to take lessons even though I’m not a. Professional singer. Then she asked what my goal was and I said that when I sing, I feel the chin and neck tightening so that there is no voice coming out. I want to solve it, sing freely and naturally. In a short time, she discovered why my voice did not come out when I was singing! She taught me three tips that gave me the ability to open up my voice. Stephanie is a very passionate, deeply insightful vocal coach and amazing singer. I love her songs and I sing along often. In a very busy time, lessons with her were very informative times that challenged and energized me. Most of all, while taking vocal lessons, there were times when my voice was very thick and low-pitched, so when I was talking to my kids, I could make a voice that seemed angry and I am very happy that she could point that out and fix it clearly. Therefore, the reason why my voice did not come out when singing was naturally connected and resolved. Stephanie made the lessons insightful and fun. Having her as your coach, I’m sure you will walk away feeling and knowing your voice has shifted, gain confidence and get the same joy and good results as me Thank You!”.​

Cody Herd Organist and Singer

After working with Stephanie Thompson as my Vocal coach, my singing improved dramatically.I would highly recommend Stephanie if you’re a singer at any level.I had better breath support and my natural voice really came out so that I was singing more freely and my voice was stronger. Now I love singing even more than ever because I’m so comfortable with my technique and my confidence level is through the roof. She has the ability to really delve into your voice and bring out the best voice you have!