After seeing a Facebook post from Stephanie Thompson I was lead to take the leap. As a former Geek in school and the girl singer in a couple of bands in school, it was a long time that my voice had any training and my range has shortened dramatically. Since the lockdowns I haven’t been able to do my usual karaoke and my range got even smaller and my breathing was no longer sustained enough to control my voice the way I knew I should be able too.
I felt and heard a definite difference from the very first class. I was embarrassed but Stephanie’s gentle and kind personality cheered me on with her big smiles and words of praise and encouragement. My classes with Stephanie are a pleasure that I look forward to every week. I know that she will kick my but in all the best ways and I will come out of each class knowing that I have spent my time well and achieved something for myself. Thank you Stephanie. You are a Godsend. I wholeheartedly would recommend Stephanie Thompson’s class to anyone wanting to learn how to control their gift of song or anyone wanting to fine-tune what they already have.