“After seeing Stephanie’s Facebook live Voice lessons, I found the courage and saw the value to take lessons even though I’m not a. Professional singer. Then she asked what my goal was and I said that when I sing, I feel the chin and neck tightening so that there is no voice coming out. I want to solve it, sing freely and naturally. In a short time, she discovered why my voice did not come out when I was singing! She taught me three tips that gave me the ability to open up my voice. Stephanie is a very passionate, deeply insightful vocal coach and amazing singer. I love her songs and I sing along often. In a very busy time, lessons with her were very informative times that challenged and energized me. Most of all, while taking vocal lessons, there were times when my voice was very thick and low-pitched, so when I was talking to my kids, I could make a voice that seemed angry and I am very happy that she could point that out and fix it clearly. Therefore, the reason why my voice did not come out when singing was naturally connected and resolved. Stephanie made the lessons insightful and fun. Having her as your coach, I’m sure you will walk away feeling and knowing your voice has shifted, gain confidence and get the same joy and good results as me Thank You!”.​