“Serendipity in Site: Choosing for Good” By Dennis Pitocco

Serendipity in Site: Choosing for Good
Dennis Pitocco

Car-Chasing is a totally natural behavior for a dog, as a dog’s natural instinct is to chase anything that moves, be it a cat, rabbit, a jogger, or a bike. … But what happens after all the years of chasing if the dog actually catches the car? What’s next? Well, the analogy works here, because my wife Ali and I faced the very same question over a decade ago after chasing our
respective careers up and down the proverbial corporate ladder for many years only to arrive at the intersection of “too young to retire” and what’s next?”

Indeed, blessed with enough economic success from it all, we had the opportunity to step back and choose how, where, and when we wanted to invest our time, our talent, and our treasure. At the same time, we had a keen appreciation for the fact that few people are lucky enough to have such an opportunity, hence; the need to take our time to fully consider what the future might hold. And to make sure that whatever direction we headed, we were heading “for good”.

As with all of our important life decisions, we debated, discussed, and decided our way forward over the course of our ritualistic morning walks —away from all the noise and distractions of daily life. We spoke of what mattered the most to us and equally, how we could best leave a legacy “for good”. We spoke of the ripple effect of our choices on others. We spoke of the need to find the right balance between our passion and our overall well-being. Over the course of several months, our chosen path began to emerge —taking us in a number of complementary directions versus heading down a single road.

When the dust settled, our compass ultimately pointed us in three directions, each sustainable simultaneously. First; we wanted to roll up our sleeves and truly “serve” or “give-back in a meaningful way; second, we wanted to move beyond the shallow business-driven travel of our past (airport/meeting/airport) to what can best be described as intentional travel —truly discovering the world (beyond the USA); and third, we wanted to keep our minds active in a meaningful way (well-beyond any notion of crossword puzzles, sudoku, etc.). And to the extent possible, we wanted our choices to prevail over the long term in harmony with each other, versus
as “either-or” options.

Our desire to give back began with a hands-on commitment to an increasing number of nonprofits across our community. This took the form of delivering meals to seniors, cleaning stables at a local farm dedicated to equine therapy, office volunteering, serving meals at a homeless shelter, actively serving on local Boards of directors, and more. Added to that was the opportunity to act upon our desire to help those in need during natural disasters, by participating in hours of training to become part of the American Red Cross Disaster Recovery Team, poised to respond to local, national, and international disasters. We learned very quickly how relatively little time and effort can quickly make such a big difference to so many.

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“Are Healthcare Providers Under Siege from Ransomware Attacks?” By Mack Jackson, Jr.

Are Healthcare Providers Under Siege from Ransomware Attacks?

By: Mack Jackson Jr

Healthcare businesses are, without question, threatened by ransomware. Hospitals have been the target of high-profile hacks in the United States in the past year, including an incident in which hackers held patient data hostage. This type of attack can have severe effects, not only on the hospital but also on the patients. Patients’ lives can be jeopardized if vital data is encrypted or taken hostage.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts a person’s files and then demands payment to decrypt them. In recent years, ransomware attacks have surged, and many healthcare institutions have been the target.

Over the past year, hospitals in the United States have been the target of ransomware attacks that got much media attention. In 2016, the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was the target of a ransomware assault, which resulted in the payment of a ransom of $17,000. In 2017, two other hospitals were targeted for violence: the Methodist Hospital in Kentucky and the Lake City Medical Center in Florida.

Ransomware is not only a threat to healthcare institutions. Every organization with sensitive data is susceptible to ransomware assaults. However, the stakes are incredibly high in the healthcare industry, where lives may be at risk. Therefore, healthcare companies must be aware of the issue and take measures to protect their data.

In healthcare institutions, ransomware attackers often target a few specific elements. Electronic medical records are one (EMRs). These data sources frequently contain sensitive patient information and are housed on internet-connected servers. This sensitive information makes them an appealing target for ransomware attackers, who can encrypt the data and demand a ransom in exchange for its decryption.

These attacks could have serious consequences, not just for the hospital but also for the people who go there. If critical information is encrypted or held captive, it jeopardizes patients’ lives. The attack significantly impacted the quality of care provided to patients when it came to the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.

Attacks using ransomware are, therefore, a significant threat to healthcare businesses. It is crucial for healthcare organizations to have a plan in place for how to respond to these kinds of attacks to safeguard both themselves and the people they serve.

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“Singers Secret to Success” By Coren Zai

Singers Secret to Success

By Coren Zai

Does winning a Grammy or Tony award mean success to you? How do you gauge something so intangible?

Success can mean different things to different people. Most singers define success as being famous, having lots of money, a great car, a beautiful home, and a record deal or starring in a Broadway show. Some define success as finding their epic love story, some want to own a label or recording studio. There are as many definitions of success as there are people on the planet.

In my experience, being successful professionally and unsuccessful personally usually leads to a very unfulfilled and unhappy life. I’ve been blessed with living my dream professionally and personally since I was a young woman.

I knew I wanted to be a performer since I was 3, I became a professional at 12 and haven’t stopped yet!! I met my best friend, soulmate, and performing partner at 19. We fell in love (an epic love story by the way!!) and we performed together onstage all over the world for decades. We opened a successful performing arts school in Las Vegas. My husband was an acting coach and I teach singing. We have been coaches for over 30 years (oh yes, ladies and he is good looking too!!)

The question here is… am I willing to share my secret?? Of course, I am! How did I become successful in both of these aspects of my life? Was I lucky? Did I have amazing role models for parents growing up? Did I come from money and my family bought my future? Did I have a magic lamp? Absolutely not!! I grew up dirt poor and my family was a mess. They weren’t successful in any aspect of their lives! So how did I accomplish success professionally and personally?

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“How Music is Transforming Lives” By Stephanie Thompson

How Music is Transforming Lives

By Stephanie Thompson

It is so remarkable to see and discover new ways that music is transforming lives emotionally, mentally, and physically. Music is healing and it’s not only music therapists who are helping people to heal through music. Many musicians are getting on board to use their talents and gifts to help others use music in a healing manner.  This is making a difference not only in people who are suffering from trauma or dealing with health concerns, but is changing lives in those less fortunate, as well.

Vijay Gupta is the founder and Artistic Director of Street Symphony, musicians who connect with people who have been homeless, incarcerated or who are struggling with addiction. He is also the co-founder of the Skid Rowe Arts Alliance, an organization that provides art for and with the biggest homeless population in the United States. He, himself, has an impressive resume as a professional violinist, international recitalist, soloist, chamber musician and orchestral musician spanning a career of over 20 years.

The Skid Rowe Arts Alliance has many programs to incorporate music into those less fortunate’s lives.  They provide music labs, performance workshops and every Wednesday, they have a Neighborhood Sing where they can connect with each other through singing. I found these programs in their magazine, “The Skid Rowe Artszine” which is an impressive compilation of everything arts and music that they have established.

In a Ted talk, Gupta tells the story of how he met Nathaniel Ayers, the inspiration for the movie, “The Soloist.” He recounts when he first met him, to give him a lesson, it seemed to Vijay Gupta that Ayers was too far gone in his mind and mental illness of schizophrenia to connect with him. But, in a moment of clarity, Gupta picked up his violin and started playing. A miraculous thing happened when he did that, Ayers calmed down and listened and then began to play with Gupta…

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“How to Surf a Technological Tsunami and Dance with Machines” By George Chanos

How to Surf a Technological Tsunami and Dance with Machines

By: George Chanos

Change is coming. Like a Tsunami.

In 2014, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking said, the “Singularity” (the moment when machine intelligence eclipses human intelligence) will be “the greatest event in human history”.

Ray Kurzweil, the head of AI for Google, has said that we may reach the “Singularity”, as early as 2029. That’s only seven years away.

Even more remarkable, is what Kurzweil says will happen next. Kurzweil says, that by the 2040s (twenty years from now), AI will not be our equal – it will be a billion times more capable than human intelligence.

Humans lack the intellectual capacity to even comprehend what an intelligence a billion times our own means. But one thing is certain. AI will impact every aspect of human endeavor. It will literally redefine life as we know it.

New technologies like AI, automation, and robotics, will change the nature of employment. They will allow for increased efficiencies, higher productivity, reduced costs, improved safety, and greater reliability. They will have a dramatic impact on wages, and create an urgent need for increased training and education.

Some argue that technology has been reshaping the workplace since the Industrial Revolution. That’s true. What’s different today, is the speed of change, and the scale of change that AI will create. Both will be entirely unprecedented.

As machines evolve and acquire greater performance capabilities, that match or exceed human capabilities, the adoption of automation will increase dramatically – at mind-bending speed.

On a global scale, McKinsey estimates that 47.5 percent of all current jobs, could be automated based on existing technologies. In ten years, that number will be closer to 90%.

Today, 30 to 45 percent of the working-age population around the world is underutilized, unemployed, inactive, or underemployed. 75 million youth are unemployed. Advances in automation will only increase these numbers.

Many are rightfully concerned about their children’s economic prospects. It is no longer an article of faith that every generation will enjoy a higher standard of living than their parents…

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“It Is in Giving That We Receive” By Angelika Selle

It Is in Giving That We Receive

By  Angelika Selle

Have you ever wondered why every human being is longing for family, friends, a happy home, children’s voices, and parents’ loving eyes watching them grow? Why is this desire deeply engraved in us, and where does it come from?

This deep, almost irresistible longing for belonging comes from nowhere other than our loving Creator, the Parent of all humankind, who created the one and only institution common to all humanity: the Family — husband, wife, children, and grandchildren. And I believe our dear God also wanted to be included in all our family relationships, and to pour His selfless love through each family member to all.

Yes, we might be currently far from experiencing this kind of love in our family. However, as we find ourselves at the beginning of a brand new year, where we make new resolutions, and maybe conscious shifts toward improving ourselves, why not consider going on the inside and listening to the inner voice of our hearts? By doing so, we will find the strength to change our “self-first” paradigm into the desire to love and give to others. As Saint Francis said, “It is in Giving that we Receive.”

Giving is universal and a powerful tool to transcend and erase barriers and create bridges. The giving of a gift can melt and soften hearts when given with sincerity and genuine love. And we mustn’t forget that there is the most important Giving of Forgiveness to someone who has hurt us, or the Giving of reaching out to someone in repentance, admitting our mistakes.

The following is a brief story and experience I had about the power of “giving.”

I in the late 1970s, together with a group of fellow magazine editors rented an apartment in West Berlin for our annual board meeting, when the city was still divided between West and East Germany. The apartment was, in fact, right across the street from the Berlin Wall. We were located on the third floor, which also had a balcony that allowed us to look over the barbed wire on top of the long line of vacant, bricked-up houses that constituted the Wall at this point. On the other side, we could see a barren minefield, followed by more barbed wire and a path where soldiers armed with rifles walked up and down, and behind them more minefields.

Every day whenever we had a break in our discussions, we went on the balcony and watched the soldiers, wondering if they would notice us.

One day…

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“Benefits of Living a Purposeful Life” By Judi Moreo

Benefits of Living a Purposeful Life

By Judi Moreo

Instead of settling for an ordinary life, why not create a life that is focused and purposeful…one that brings you joy, excitement, and fulfillment? There are many benefits to discovering your main interest, passion project, or purpose in life. Don’t you deserve to live an extraordinary life?


Identifying what is of interest to you and gives you purpose will motivate and encourage you to gain new skills. You’ll find you are motivated to learn and grow so you can meet the goals you set for yourself. Identifying your purpose is a powerful self-development tool in itself. It will provide you with the opportunity to grow and develop as a person.


Increased focus is one of the major benefits of following your passion and living a purposeful life. This is because you will have identified exactly what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. Goal setting and planning are invaluable tools and help you create positive change in yourself and your life.


Having a purpose that drives you and is your inspiration for creating change in your life will provide the momentum to keep moving forward toward your goals. Constantly monitoring your progress against your goals and plans will motivate you to continue to progress. You will want to feel the success of achieving targets and goals at each step of your journey.

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“The Quickest Way to Double and Triple Your Business” By Tim Zimmerman

The Quickest Way to Double and Triple Your Business 

By Tim E Zimmerman

In looking at ways to increase my own, and my clients’ productivity and profitability, and in order to double and triple sales and income, I have practiced and trained in most all of the modern and ancient techniques available. I have also found and re-developed information and training that refrain from being in the mainstream. Here are some of the Keys that we work on in the SM3 Success MindSet Mastery Training Program.

First, understand and practice the SM3 Five Laws of Manifestation:

  1. Thoughts – What you think about, you bring about. “Thoughts are things, incredibly real things,” wrote Napoleon Hill in the classic “Think and Grow Rich.”
  2. Words – Watch the words that you speak. Your thoughts create the words that you speak to yourself and to others. “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds,” wrote Zoroaster 4,000 years ago.
  3. Belief – “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” Napoleon Hill. “As you believe in your heart, it is done unto you,” is a saying of Jesus.
  4. Decide – Decision is the seventh step to riches according to Mr. Hill in his best-seller “Think and Grow Rich.” If you are unsure what you want, how can you manifest it?
  5. Action/Deeds – if you refrain from taking action, nothing will happen.

The above are called the Five Laws of Manifestation since if you refrain from doing any one of the Laws, you will refrain from Conscious Deliberate Manifestation.

For instance, if you refrain from thinking about something to manifest, are you going to consciously manifest it? Answer – No.

If you think about something to manifest, yet you refrain from talking about it (to yourself and others), are you going to consciously manifest it? Answer – No.

If you think about it, talk about it, yet refrain from believing about it, are you going to consciously manifest it? Answer – No.

If you think about it, talk about it, believe about it, yet refrain from deciding about it, are you going to consciously manifest it? Answer – No.

If you think about it, talk about it, believe about it, decide about it, yet take zero action about it, are you going to consciously manifest it? Answer – No.

So, you have to use all Five Laws together in order to Consciously Deliberately Manifest what you want in life.

Yet answer this, where do your thoughts come from in the first place?


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“Hidden Secrets to Boosting Your Immune System” By Shirley Z. Stirling, PhD

“Hidden Secrets to Boosting Your Immune System”

By: Shirley Z.Stirling, PhD

“Disclaimer: This article is for educational and entertainment purposes only”

Regardless whether the season is Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, we are all part of the great progression of the seasons. Each season carries its express purpose and each of us is an intricate part of all that is.

We each have one hundred trillion cells that keep us happy, healthy and move us from knowledge to wisdom. One of the most fascinating systems within our miraculous forms is our immune system. Now is a perfect time to discover some of the secrets of the immune system that can assist us to move forward in the most amazing ways.

For instance, we all know that Vitamin C is very important for our immune system but few people actually know that ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C. It is a compound that your liver has to process and turn into useful Vit C. Most people will take 1,000 mg of this vitamin and think “ok great!” I took my Vitamin C. The truth is you must take at least 4,000 mg a day before it actually becomes medicinal. In this article, we will go through some of the best ways to boost your immune system and yes…prevention is always the best way.

Please feel free to take notes as we go through some foods and herbs that may enhance your well-being and support your immune system.

First, if we are going to be sharing secrets, lets start with the fact that 70% of your lymphatic system resides in your gut! Really? Yes! This means the health of your digestive system is directly tied in with the health and well-being of your immune system. It is a fact that is not often openly discussed.

Secondly, please know your pancreas takes some of its instructions from your liver so you must get your liver in tip top shape.

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“Why First Impressions Matter” By Eliz Nestorov

Why First Impressions Matter

By: Eliz Nestorov

Looking good is important to people throughout the world. Recent studies have shown that physical appearance is important in terms of happiness, social life and the ability to get ahead. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines image as a mental conception of a person or organization. In other words, image is the belief that we have about someone or something. It may be the impression we form when meeting someone new, or it may be an individual’s or company’s reputation that has developed over time. Our impressions about other people may be based on how they look, talk or behave. A person’s overall image may consist of a variety of factors including their clothing, grooming, tone of voice, vocabulary, facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, and social behaviors known as etiquette. Just as individuals have an image, so do companies. While public opinion about a corporation can be influenced by advertising, there are many other factors involved in developing a company’s image. Image matters because people often make assumptions based on limited information. Developing excellent communication skills is absolutely essential to effective leadership. The leader must be able to share knowledge and ideas to transmit a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to others. If a leader can’t get a message across clearly and motivate others to act on it, then having a message doesn’t even matter.

There are certain techniques and tools used to help us with creating our professional image aka our self-brand. The ABC’s of a professional imprint are: A-appearance or how we look, B-behavior or how we act, and C-communication or how we talk. A professional imprint, which is a major part of your personal branding, requires all three components:

Appearance – your total look, the way you present yourself from head to toe, what others see when they see you.

Behavior –  your attitude and the way you behave that makes a significant difference in how others see and judge you.

Communication – your ability to communicate with others, for better or worse.

What you do and say contributes to the impression you make.. However, if you mess up with your appearance first, it will be harder for you to be perceived as professional based on your behavior or communication skills afterwards. Therefore, appearance first! Your image is the first thing immediately available to others.

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