Singers Secret to Success

By Coren Zai

Does winning a Grammy or Tony award mean success to you? How do you gauge something so intangible?

Success can mean different things to different people. Most singers define success as being famous, having lots of money, a great car, a beautiful home, and a record deal or starring in a Broadway show. Some define success as finding their epic love story, some want to own a label or recording studio. There are as many definitions of success as there are people on the planet.

In my experience, being successful professionally and unsuccessful personally usually leads to a very unfulfilled and unhappy life. I’ve been blessed with living my dream professionally and personally since I was a young woman.

I knew I wanted to be a performer since I was 3, I became a professional at 12 and haven’t stopped yet!! I met my best friend, soulmate, and performing partner at 19. We fell in love (an epic love story by the way!!) and we performed together onstage all over the world for decades. We opened a successful performing arts school in Las Vegas. My husband was an acting coach and I teach singing. We have been coaches for over 30 years (oh yes, ladies and he is good looking too!!)

The question here is… am I willing to share my secret?? Of course, I am! How did I become successful in both of these aspects of my life? Was I lucky? Did I have amazing role models for parents growing up? Did I come from money and my family bought my future? Did I have a magic lamp? Absolutely not!! I grew up dirt poor and my family was a mess. They weren’t successful in any aspect of their lives! So how did I accomplish success professionally and personally?

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