Closed Doors Build Empires

By Wilnona Marie & Jade Dee, the And I thought Ladies

Stair wells and elevator shafts are the first struc- tures in a building to be built because they need space and give the workers accessibility to the floors where they work.

Scaffolds outline the cement towers so the con- struction employees may complete the building floor by floor. When the first two structures of the envisioned building are built, they are a symbol of what will be there. A place of purpose with floors, no walls, no doors.

This is what our writing career was like when we started a book of poems and a reader base famil- iar with thriller/suspense. We had dreams of what could be built on that foundation, but no floors, just two literary structures jutting out the ground an- nouncing their dreams to the world.

Only our dreams saw the edifice in its entirety with- out the blanks between them. What put a roof on the house and walls for the roof to stand on were closed doors. What does that mean? Keep reading.

Learning Where To Start

Space is at a premium in any new structure. Like space, time is also valuable. Space normally only comes up in a writer’s life on the page, but for those with vision, space is more than a word count on an empty page. Most writers deliver their books into a world with no birth announcement and they have no idea how to get the word out.

Usually, the first thought beyond friends and family is a celebrity endorsement, such as Oprah or television shows like Good Morning, America. This is normal, but not where to start. Those doors are padlocked with virtual guarantee of a “no.” The gatekeeper won’t let a new author anywhere near those doors without serious publisher support.

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