How to Be Unapologetically Worthy – Mini Course


Unapologetically WORTHY

Ready to change your life?

What would it feel like if instead of Amazon, the Universe knocked on your door delivering all of your desires?

Wouldn’t that be so much fun? Picture it, you get really clear on your desires and you know why you want it and how it will positively impact you and those around your life. And then a few days (these times, maybe weeks) later you have it, are it, you are living it!
I know you are doing all the work…. You are journaling, meditating, listening to the podcasts, downloading freebies on a weekly basis, and yet, what you desire still isn’t here. There is a missing piece in this magical life puzzle.
This piece no one tells you about, because acknowledging that you or they don’t have it would make you feel less than, and you would have to put your walls down. So you keep pretending on the outside all is well. Yet, on the inside you know something is missing...

What is YOUR missing piece?

The missing piece isn't your usual morning affirmations where you look into the mirror and say, "Girl you are good!"

I'm talking about the UNAPOLOGETIC WORTHY that comes from your core, your inner knowing that is unshakeable and unstoppable!

That UNAPOLOGETIC part of you where you declare you are good enough and it makes you magnetic to all of your desires. When I realized that without this missing piece no amount of work will get you there, I knew I had to do this for you. I created something I desperately needed, but I just didn’t know it was THIS. Inside you’ll get access to the videos and worksheets that will let you spread those wings and fly!

What others are saying about the Mini Course

Will You Finally Give Yourself Permission to be Unapologetically Worthy?

Inside this course, you’ll begin to master the WORTHY method

  • W - What do I know to be true about myself?

  • O - Obstacles you have overcome?

  • R - Ready NOW to ... Do, Accept, or Change

  • T - Thankful for...?

  • H - Higher Self Connection, Alignment, and Relationship

  • Y - You deserve to Be/Do/Have what you desire because…

Client LOVE

Ashley M.

Petia is like the best friend/sister/mentor everyone wishes for! Before I started working with her, I was stuck in a rut. I wanted to change, but I didn’t know how. Petia has helped me learn to embody the act of “letting go”, which has allowed more abundance to flow to me and through me. I have a much better relationship with money. My relationship with my mom has taken a 180. What was once strained, is now blossoming into a loving relationship that I’ve always wished for. Most importantly, my mindset had completely transformed. And this all has happened in a matter of weeks...not years, not months...WEEKS! I now know I am worthy of the life I desire! I’m so thankful for Petia and her loving guidance! There are not enough words to express my gratitude.

Lauren K.

When I first engaged with Petia I had absolutely no intention of hiring her as my coach because I was in good space and feeling worthy and energized with where I was at in my journey. If you are reading this, you likely already know her energy is contagious!!! I noticed that I just couldn't stop engaging with her! I allowed my mind muscle to wonder and thought, "Ok, you are in a good place, but can you imagine the trajectory you would be on by working with her?!" I opened my mind muscle up to the possibility and after my discovery call heart told me that I MUST work with her! From the first moment I have felt a deep sense of care and connection. She is like my rocket booster who is helping me get to where I need to go faster and with ease! Petia's heart coupled with her attention to detail is a unique gift. A gift that anyone deserves and should welcome into their life.

So this is my gift to YOU my love

You deserve this!

There’s nobody out there who combines the years of coaching, breakthrough strategies and techniques, and massive understanding of YOUR journey for you like I’ve poured into this course. To dive into this mini course, and see your life change from the inside out, click the signup button, babe, and join us inside!

Course Curriculum

1 - Welcome to The Course!

  • Welcome to the WORTHY Mini Course

  • My story about Worthiness

2 - 6 Pillars of W.O.R.T.H.Y. Video Lessons

  • W - What do I know to be true about myself?
  • O - Obstacles you have overcome?
  • R - Ready NOW to ... Do, Accept, or Change
  • T - Thankful for...?
  • H - Higher Self Connection, Alignment, and Relationship
  • Y - You deserve to Be/Do/Have what you desire because...

3 - Completion and Integration Steps

  • How to put this training to best use
  • What mistakes to avoid in owning your WORTHY in your life and business

More Testimonials

Amy S.

Working with Petia has been life changing. Immediately I experienced a shift within myself and felt like I was breaking chains that have kept me held back for a long time. Petia is the first person I’ve felt completely safe with to be myself and pursue a life I could only ever dream of. She is the perfect mix of love, peace, and straightforwardness!

Carol Mae C.

Working with Petia is one of the best decisions I’ve made! She is so inspiring and is there to consistently remind me of my worth and ability to feel more in flow, gentle and loving reminders that have such significant impact on all areas of life. Petia is able to deliver an abundance of radiance and positive energy that automatically boosts your own confidence and worthiness, I definitely recommend working with her!

Shayla D.

I had been looking for direction and was feeling incredibly overwhelmed by wanting to turn my soul’s work into my career. I had been so focused on the how? Logically how can I make this work? I happened upon Petia’s page at the exact moment I needed her. I watched her instagram story and was struck by how she just got me. Her energy and everything she was speaking about was the exact situation I was in and I immediately had to message her and felt I needed to work with this amazing woman!!!  Petia’s energy is luminous and immediately I felt like she would understand my vision. She has the tools to help you break down the overwhelming so you step into your inner power. I have felt my self awareness has shifted to believing in my vision and her constant support when I feel stuck is incredibly helpful to shift back into this feeling of “I am worthy” and I am living intentionally to practice gratefulness, forgiveness, and commitment daily. I never even saw the possibilities of this through self belief and now my life is so much more fulfilling knowing I have the power to shape my reality. If you are feeling the same way I did, you want so much more from your life and you get stuck on the HOW?! then I highly recommend working with Petia - she is incredible in providing tools to see your vision through. Her energy shifts you into the infinite possibilities of your future and to focus less on the how and more of just being your self - where you tune into your intuition and highest self and manifest the rest.

Meet Your Instructor

Melissa D.

Have you ever had someone shine a light in your darkness and guide you to rise to your highest potential. I have and her name is Petia. My soul has been relight and I am learning to shift to this level of compassion, abundance and self worth that I never knew I could have. Petia has spent her time, love and knowledge to help me, my relationships and my business, in ways I didn’t know was possible. She has supported me in every step I have taken and made me feel special just being me. It’s was an honor and a blessing to work with her and I can’t wait to do it again. I have and will continue to recommend Petia to everyone! She is changing the world and showing people how to change the world with her. I will never forget my spiritual orgasm that I experienced working with her and I am still on high from it. All souls and hearts can benefit for her experience and wisdom.

Leona B.

Before working with Petia I was in such a broken state... my biggest struggle always has been my worthiness I was in a toxic marriage hid from who I truly desired and knew I could be..The transformation of working with her has been incredible I got out of my toxic marriage and rockin it at being a single mom to 3 incredible kids building an online coaching business and am truly loving life! I never dreamt I would have the courage and worth to face and do the things I’ve done in my life..everyone needs a Petia in their life her love support and nurturing is beyond anything ever ever experienced and absolutely life changing.

I want to see you RISE!

Don't be afraid of saying YES to yourself, my love.