Empathy and Relationships

My father taught me early in life that empathy and relationships go hand-in-hand. I am grateful he did, because during my teen years, I spent time with a family that treated me like a slave.
I was expected to cook and clean for them day and night. Leaving the house without their permission was not allowed. They required any friends or family who came to see me to get their approval first. The situation was so stressful for me, when combined with the constant bombings and deprivations of the war, that it led to the premature birth of my daughter and the death of my infant son.

A Tough Choice

I faced two choices: Allow the way they treated me to change me or to rise above their treatment, find reasons to empathize with them and their situation, and refuse to allow my heart to change because of the way they treated me. Empathy saved me from becoming bitter and jaded, developing a soul as ugly as the behavior they exhibited. I doubt I would have handled things the same way without that early training from my father.

It allowed me to form healthy relationships with other people. Those relationships form the cornerstone of my success. 

Developing the Needed Skills

Empathy was not a hot topic back in the late 1970’s and 80’s. There were not a lot of people out there teaching about it. Today, it’s a subject of frequent discussion, but there are few courses out there helping people develop skills in empathy.

When Robin Hills offered to include his course on empathy among EmpoweringHumanityTV.com’s classes, I was thrilled. I knew how important this was to helping the members of the Empowering Humanity community improve their lives.

The Benefits of Empathy

In addition to helping people overcome trauma, empathy is a soft skill that can help people improve their work and family lives. It can increase their chances of landing, and keeping, high-paying jobs where the ability to form relationships is essential.

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