“Conscious Deliberate Manifestation Series, Part 2 of 4, Secrets about Time & the Mind” By Tim Zimmerman

Conscious Deliberate Manifestation Series, Part 2 of 4, Secrets about Time & the Mind

By Tim Zimmerman

One of the additional mistakes that many, even coaches, make in regards to correct thinking, & speaking in creating affirmations for Conscious Deliberate Manifestation is in regards to time.

The only time for the subconscious and unconscious mind is NOW – the Here and Now. The past is an illusion because it refrains from happening right now in the Here and Now. The future is an illusion because it has refrained from happening in the Here and Now.

Before talking about correct and practical thinking, feeling (belief), speaking, and affirmations, we should really go into setting Goals and Objectives. Your goals and objectives should be positive, realistic, something you feel deeply about, and be the ideal situation put into written words – without any conflicting goals in all eight areas of your life – financial, family, professional, community, social & recreational, health, self-improvement, and spiritual.

The coaches who teach, “If your goal doesn’t scare you, it is not big enough,” are doing an injustice to their clients. One of the reasons you have refrained from attaining your goals already is because they are OUTSIDE your comfort zone and belief system.

Remember the SM3 Success Five Laws of Conscious Deliberate Manifestation: If you refrain from believing it, you are going to refrain from manifesting it and probably get frustrated, too. Then, that frustration leads to more negative thinking, manifesting as other negatives in your life. See the pattern?

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“Unsheltered: Voices from the Street Rediscovering Humanity” By Aimmee Kodachian

Unsheltered: Voices from the Street Rediscovering Humanity

By Aimmee Kodachian

In the tapestry of life, we occasionally encounter threads that shine with a rare brilliance. Dennis Pitocco is one such luminous thread—a visionary leader and the Founder of 360° Nation. In a world often driven by profit margins, Dennis chose a different path guided by an unwavering mission to rediscover humanity at its best. Over a decade ago, he embarked on this remarkable journey, and in doing so, he has woven a legacy defined by acts of goodness that extend far beyond personal gain.

At the core of 360° Nation, three distinct enterprises bear testament to Dennis’s resolute commitment:

  • BizCatalyst 360° is an award-winning publishing platform that unites thousands of writers across six continents.
  • 360 ° Nation Studios serves as the canvas for powerful, humanity-driven videos that come to life, further amplifying the mission.
  • GoodWorks 360° is a consulting foundation dedicated to providing invaluable support, free of charge, to noble nonprofits worldwide.

My encounter with Dennis was unanticipated, an unexpected intersection of paths that inspired me profoundly. Engaging in a conversation with him, we found common ground in our shared mission—empowering humanity and rekindling the true essence of our shared existence. Even before his involvement in the transformative book project ‘Unsheltered: None of Us Are Home Until All of Us Are Home,’ co-authored with Peggy Willms, Dennis’s dedication to positive change was evident. This endeavor, devoted to illuminating the stories and struggles of the unsheltered population, provided a glimpse into his unwavering commitment to forging alternative paths to create a better world.

Dennis’s dedication to this cause is a guiding light, a testament to the boundless possibilities of positive change. As we embark on this journey through his life and work, his story promises to inspire and illuminate the path forward for humanity.

A: Please share a bit about your background and the journey that led you to rediscover humanity.

D: After spending decades in the international financial services sector, building and selling businesses, my wife Ali and I decided to leave the corporate world altogether to dedicate our time, talent, and treasure to rediscovering humanity. We do that through serving nonprofits from the grass-roots level all the way to the board of director level. We felt (borrowing from the words of Gandhi) that we could ‘in a gentle way, shake the world” for good. If we are serious in our quest to rediscover humanity at its best, we believe that our job is to “walk the talk” today and every day, doing our best to figure out what the world is trying to be – and then help the world be that, be better, and be even more. The world depends on everyone to show up and be present as best we can in our imperfect radiance. And we are blessed to have the opportunity to do so.

A: What inspired the creation of your latest “for good” humanity endeavor, the anthology book entitled “Unsheltered: Voices from the Street,” and what are your goals and aspirations for this project?

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“Cybersecurity Breaches at MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment: Ocean’s 13-Style Digital Heist” By Mack Jackson, Jr.

Cybersecurity Breaches at MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment: Ocean’s 13-Style Digital Heist

By Mack Jackson, Jr.

In the fast-paced digital age, the security of sensitive data is paramount for every industry, and the recent cybersecurity incidents at MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, both in Las Vegas, underscore this imperative. Both high-profile cases have served as a stark reminder that even well-prepared organizations can fall prey to cyberattacks, causing significant financial loss and jeopardizing customer trust.

The Incidents

On September 22, 2023, MGM Resorts concluded a 10-day computer system shutdown in a preemptive effort to secure its data following a cyberattack. While specific details have not been publicly disclosed, the ramifications are profound. Preliminary estimates suggest that the shutdown may have cost the MGM up to $8 million per day, totaling a staggering $80 million in cumulative losses.

Caesars Entertainment also came under a cyberattack on September 7. While its casino and online operations remained functional, the company needed help to assure the security of the personal information of tens of millions of its customers.

The Cost and the Vulnerability

The impacts of these attacks extend beyond monetary losses. For MGM Resorts, the cyberattack compromised several vital functions, including hotel reservations and credit card processing. Some resort services like dining and entertainment remained operational. Likewise, the disclosure from Caesars about the insecurity of customer data poses a potential PR crisis and long-term damage to brand trust.

In both instances, experts have noted the exposure of critical cybersecurity weaknesses, challenging the perception that casinos are invulnerable data fortresses.

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By Tracey Starr

It happened about eight years ago while doing my morning Mirror Time practice after having one of those soulful cries in the shower about how painfully hard life was at the moment… I suddenly had this AHA download that I just needed to trust and have faith… it is all Divine!

At the time my life was seemingly in shambles. I was a struggling single mom after going through the most insane divorce imaginable with my children being torn in two due to maternal alienation tactics that seemingly worked. I felt completely alone and lost. It turned out to be my Dark Night of the Soul that lasted for years.

Since then it’s sometimes been a hard pill to swallow when experiencing tough times but what I’ve discovered over the years is that when you lean into the magic of this reality you come to realize that this statement is the truth… when you trust and have faith you can see the Divinity in all things. The “good” and the “bad”. From the Oneness of Life, everything that happens is truly neutral, but it is our perception that makes you feel as if the experience is good or bad. At least in the moment. In time, you may see your “bad” experiences as “good” for they helped to shape who you are now.

The hardest pill to swallow though, at least for me, is the death of a loved one. There is nothing more difficult to move through, especially if the death is unexpected or the person is young. It is here that trust and faith come into play. Death is the end of suffering, no matter how the end came to be. Trust that none of us get out of this reality alive so we will all one day take our last breath. Trust that everything and everyone here is temporary, so whatever it is you are going through will change. Trust that this change will make you stronger and better prepared, and perhaps be a turning point in your life to move you into alignment to being the person you are here to be.

And faith… that whatever is happening is happening for the highest good of all concerned no matter the outcome. These are the life lessons you need to experience that moves you to action in ways that you would otherwise not have taken. When you have faith you can feel that all the seemingly senseless evil and war and suffering in our world are what give you contrast in this reality to know and appreciate the light and the good that also exists here. There’s something remarkable that happens when you have faith in the Universe or God or whatever label you choose to represent the connectedness and energy of Oneness.

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“How Did the Unacceptable Become Acceptable?” By Joan S. Peck

How Did the Unacceptable Become Acceptable?

By Joan S. Peck

Those of us who have experienced the 1950s and the somewhat naïve living portrayed on television with shows like “Father Knows Best,” “Leave It to Beaver,” and “The Donna Reed Show” are dismayed at how far we’ve departed from what they represented. For many, those shows highlighted the importance of loving and spending time with your family and reaffirming manners and etiquette.

Men held doors for women; we played and got along with the other kids in our neighborhood because they were our neighbors; we watched over older adults by carrying their groceries, mowing their lawns, and shoveling snow for them, and without any formality, a neighborhood watch existed because everyone watched out for everyone else at that time. If we did something we shouldn’t be doing, we reported it to our parents without them becoming defensive. Right was right, and wrong was wrong, unlike today.

Today, few seem to own up to the consequences of their own making. Our society lives in the shadows, where people do not live their highest good, where the unacceptable has become acceptable. We live in fear. If those in power don’t like what we have to say, we feel threatened with retaliation. Because of social media, anyone can say, do, and threaten another person or group without proper guidelines or consequences. Truth is often wholly misrepresented, and the unhappy, discontented folks grab onto the lies to ease their anger or sense of powerlessness or injustice.

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“Children and Music: The Rich Rewards of Harmonious Growth” By Stephanie Thompson

Children and Music: The Rich Rewards of Harmonious Growth

By Stephanie Thompson

Music is often considered the universal language of the soul. It resonates with feelings and emotions, traversing boundaries and bringing people together. Did you know that immersing children in the world of music, especially through playing instruments, carries with it a plethora of benefits?

Parents often ponder the merits of introducing their children to music. “Is there any tangible benefit to getting my child involved in music?” they ask. Drawing from personal experience, I can answer that with a resounding “Yes!” Singing from the tender age of three has imparted me with invaluable gifts. Beyond the personal anecdotes, research and observations point to several advantages:

  • Develop Better Cognitive Skills: Studies have shown that children who learn music have an edge in understanding complex concepts, problem-solving, and even math and language. It’s not only about reading notes but deciphering the intricate patterns and structures within them.
  • Create and Develop Friendships: Just as I cherished the bonds formed in the Children’s choir, countless children forge deep friendships with their peers in musical settings. It becomes a shared journey of discovery, where they learn, practice, and perform together.
  • Develop Self-Esteem: There’s a unique kind of confidence that sprouts when you master a musical piece or when your notes flow seamlessly. For children, this translates into a boost in self-worth. Every applause and word of encouragement adds another layer to their self-esteem.
  • Less Depression and Anxiety: Engaging in music acts as a therapeutic outlet. It offers an escape, a means to express, and, most importantly, a sense of accomplishment. These factors combined can significantly alleviate feelings of sadness or anxiety.
  • Increases Social Skills: Interacting with fellow budding musicians, understanding group dynamics in an ensemble, or even patiently waiting for one’s turn during a recital all hone a child’s social skills.

Not everyone is destined or even aspires to tread the path of a professional musician, and that’s perfectly okay. As every song has its unique tune and every instrument its distinct voice, every individual’s musical journey is personal and deeply meaningful.

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“The end is also the beginning.” By Pat West Turner

The end is also the beginning.
By Pat West Turner

People said this to me as I was about to graduate high school, but they, nor I, fully understood how real that statement was. How could I have known that a few months before graduation, I would be in a car accident that changed my life forever? This was not a beginning I asked for and certainly not one I would wish on anyone else. But it is what it is! Accept it, learn to cope with it; deny it, or suffer because of it…the choice was up to me.

Two days before Christmas, returning home from Wenatchee, Washington, in a snowstorm, three friends and I encountered the backend of a snowplow. We all survived despite the lack of seatbelts. It was three months before I slept in my own bed again.

The injuries I sustained resulted from being tossed over the front seat and, in the process, my legs were trapped from my feet being under the seat. Before settling, curled up on the passenger floorboard, my left hip dislocated, and my right knee compound dislocated. Arriving at the hospital I was taken to surgery to reconnect the main artery in the back of my knee. Complications resulted from the hard cast that was applied the first night. Days later when the cast was taken off because of indescribable pain it was discovered because of swelling from the fresh injury as well as lack of circulation, the side of my calf had third-degree burns. More surgeries were required to remove the dying skin. During the thirteenth surgery, gangrene was discovered. The following morning my leg was amputated above the knee.

The time spent during endless days with no distractions like a TV or phone I could reach, or even being able to change the positioning of the head of my bed, I had hours to map out a new life. The first goal was to heal enough to get out of the hospital to receive my high school diploma.

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“Defying the Odds: The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Judi Moreo” By Aimmee Kodachian

Defying the Odds: The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Judi Moreo

By Aimmee Kodachian

In the realm of personal growth and motivation, Judi Moreo stands out as a genuine luminary. Her name is synonymous with empowerment, leaving an indelible mark that transcends boundaries. Globally recognized as one of the most sought-after speakers in motivation, communication skills, and personal development, Judi’s impact is immeasurable. Illuminating the path to purpose, passion, and power, her transformative book, “You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power,” resonates deeply with countless readers, sparking the flames of purpose within.

Judi’s influence extends beyond words; she has crafted the Achievement Journal, a companion to her book, an invaluable tool for personal growth. Additionally, she is the visionary publisher behind the Turn Your Talents Into Cash book series, the Life Choices book series, and Choices magazine, showcasing her unwavering commitment to sharing wisdom and inspiration.

Judi Moreo reaches a global audience through her “What’s Your Story?” television show on WWDBTV on ROKU, where her words echo with a transformative force. Her ascent to becoming an icon in motivation and personal development speaks volumes about her unyielding spirit, entrepreneurial prowess, and contagious enthusiasm.

Defying the odds with a modest $2,000 in savings, Judi founded her first venture, Universal Models and Finishing School. Undeterred by skeptics questioning her success with limited capital, she built a virtual empire, including Universal Convention and Trade Associates. Sixteen years later, she sold this thriving business and ventured to South Africa, assuming the role of Group Promotions Manager within a media conglomerate.

The call of entrepreneurship beckoned again, leading Judi to establish Turning Point International in South Africa—a venture she navigated masterfully for six prosperous years before returning to the United States. Anchoring Turning Point International in the vibrant heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, she continued her legacy.

Judi’s impact knows no borders, inspiring hundreds of thousands globally with her distinctive speaking and training style. Her name graces stages alongside luminaries like Norman Vincent Peale, Og Mandino, President George Bush, Sr., Les Brown, and more. A beacon of motivation, a sage of personal development, and an irreplaceable mentor, she has left an indelible mark on entrepreneurs and executives across 29 countries.

Recognizing her unwavering commitment to personal growth and empowerment, Judi Moreo has received numerous accolades, including the Women’s Federation for World Peace HerStory Award and induction into the Business Hall of Fame. The Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association, held by less than 10% of the world’s speakers, is a testament to her journey.

From the Las Vegas Diamond Star Visionary Award to Nevada Businessperson of the Year, Judi’s trophy shelf narrates a life dedicated to excellence. Her accolades extend to the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, where she is celebrated as the “Woman of Achievement – Entrepreneur,” and the prestigious Circle of Excellence Award. The American Women in Radio and Television recognized her with the Outstanding Achievement Award, and her contributions to the modeling world earned her the World Modeling Association School Director of the Year Award and the United States Career Model Award.

Now, let’s learn more about the person behind the reputation.

A**:  “You Are More Than Enough” is one of your most celebrated works. This motivational book has received acclaim for its practical advice and inspirational stories. How did you develop the idea for this book, and what message do you hope readers take away from it?**

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“Hidden Truth About Your Health” By Dr. Sheila Sterling

Hidden Truth About Your Health

By Dr. Sheila Sterling

It seems to me the truth should and needs to be right out there in the open for all to see. Up front, so all the pieces of the puzzle can be put together nicely and neatly.

Unfortunately, often, it remains a bit hidden. When it comes to health and wellness there are many hidden truths. So, where do you go to find the truth?

Health Begins In The Cells

Health begins in your cells. This is true! It is also true that you will not be healthier than the health of your cells. The saying that you must heal on a cellular level is also true.

So now comes the question. How do you know what your cells are doing? How can you possibly know the condition of your cells? Many people ask that exact question. “How the heck do you heal on a cellular level?” or “What does that even mean?”

The Medical Mystery

Let’s say that you have not felt good for a long time. Your digestion is off, and you don’t know why. You have pain or constipation or the opposite. Your head is fuzzy sometimes, you seem to forget things a lot, and you get up many times a night to use the bathroom.

You decide it’s time to go find out what the heck is wrong. You make an appointment with your doctor. He is more than happy to order a full blood panel that will show all kinds of things . You are sure this will answer your questions. You go and have the tests done. He calls you in for the results. You almost feel excited. Now you will get to the bottom of what is going on.

You sit patiently in his office, waiting your turn. Finally, he calls you in and tells you the great news,

Your doctor expects a happy face. Instead, he’s met with the question. “Then how come I feel so sick?” This is where you start to explore other tests. Your doctor tells you, “Well, it could be in your head with everything going on in the world right now.& “You smile and say, “Thank You,” even though you are really upset because you know this is not in your nead.

Something is not right in your body, but no one seems to believe you, or they believe you but

want to hand you some drugs that may or may not help. Where do you go now? How do you find out what your cells are trying to tell you?

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