Hidden Truth About Your Health

By Dr. Sheila Sterling

It seems to me the truth should and needs to be right out there in the open for all to see. Up front, so all the pieces of the puzzle can be put together nicely and neatly.

Unfortunately, often, it remains a bit hidden. When it comes to health and wellness there are many hidden truths. So, where do you go to find the truth?

Health Begins In The Cells

Health begins in your cells. This is true! It is also true that you will not be healthier than the health of your cells. The saying that you must heal on a cellular level is also true.

So now comes the question. How do you know what your cells are doing? How can you possibly know the condition of your cells? Many people ask that exact question. “How the heck do you heal on a cellular level?” or “What does that even mean?”

The Medical Mystery

Let’s say that you have not felt good for a long time. Your digestion is off, and you don’t know why. You have pain or constipation or the opposite. Your head is fuzzy sometimes, you seem to forget things a lot, and you get up many times a night to use the bathroom.

You decide it’s time to go find out what the heck is wrong. You make an appointment with your doctor. He is more than happy to order a full blood panel that will show all kinds of things . You are sure this will answer your questions. You go and have the tests done. He calls you in for the results. You almost feel excited. Now you will get to the bottom of what is going on.

You sit patiently in his office, waiting your turn. Finally, he calls you in and tells you the great news,

Your doctor expects a happy face. Instead, he’s met with the question. “Then how come I feel so sick?” This is where you start to explore other tests. Your doctor tells you, “Well, it could be in your head with everything going on in the world right now.& “You smile and say, “Thank You,” even though you are really upset because you know this is not in your nead.

Something is not right in your body, but no one seems to believe you, or they believe you but

want to hand you some drugs that may or may not help. Where do you go now? How do you find out what your cells are trying to tell you?

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