By Tracey Starr

It happened about eight years ago while doing my morning Mirror Time practice after having one of those soulful cries in the shower about how painfully hard life was at the moment… I suddenly had this AHA download that I just needed to trust and have faith… it is all Divine!

At the time my life was seemingly in shambles. I was a struggling single mom after going through the most insane divorce imaginable with my children being torn in two due to maternal alienation tactics that seemingly worked. I felt completely alone and lost. It turned out to be my Dark Night of the Soul that lasted for years.

Since then it’s sometimes been a hard pill to swallow when experiencing tough times but what I’ve discovered over the years is that when you lean into the magic of this reality you come to realize that this statement is the truth… when you trust and have faith you can see the Divinity in all things. The “good” and the “bad”. From the Oneness of Life, everything that happens is truly neutral, but it is our perception that makes you feel as if the experience is good or bad. At least in the moment. In time, you may see your “bad” experiences as “good” for they helped to shape who you are now.

The hardest pill to swallow though, at least for me, is the death of a loved one. There is nothing more difficult to move through, especially if the death is unexpected or the person is young. It is here that trust and faith come into play. Death is the end of suffering, no matter how the end came to be. Trust that none of us get out of this reality alive so we will all one day take our last breath. Trust that everything and everyone here is temporary, so whatever it is you are going through will change. Trust that this change will make you stronger and better prepared, and perhaps be a turning point in your life to move you into alignment to being the person you are here to be.

And faith… that whatever is happening is happening for the highest good of all concerned no matter the outcome. These are the life lessons you need to experience that moves you to action in ways that you would otherwise not have taken. When you have faith you can feel that all the seemingly senseless evil and war and suffering in our world are what give you contrast in this reality to know and appreciate the light and the good that also exists here. There’s something remarkable that happens when you have faith in the Universe or God or whatever label you choose to represent the connectedness and energy of Oneness.

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