Let Success Flow

I knew water was important for health. I never realized it was possible to let success flow with every sip. Then, I met SoFeya SahRa Joseph.

Inspired by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto

She introduced me to the work of Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto. His experiments demonstrated the ability of conscious thought to affect water. His book, The Hidden Messages of Water, inspired her to try her own experiments.
“We drink water every day. Our bodies are made of up to 80% water, meaning that every cell of our body is up to 80% water..and our cells are conscious – they learn and adapt!”

Searching for a Better Way

Exposed to Dr. Emoto’s ideas during her years as an Olympic figure skating coach, it wasn’t until 2016 that she decided to put his ideas to the test. At the time, she was financially depleted and struggling to figure out what to do to get her life going.

Then, a quote from Wayne Dyer caught her attention: “You receive what you desire for others.”

She realized that the key to getting her own needs met was to desire that others get their needs met. This tied back in with a different quote she was fond of, “Your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality.”

The First Test

She wrote on a slip of paper, “I am unlimited abundance I crave” on a slip of paper and put her water bottle on top of it. She wanted to test Dr. Emoto’s idea that, “Water is a blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single positive thought.”

If it was true, her life would change, but if not, she would be no worse off. It was worth the risk.

As she continued to drink the water, a vision began to form of the life she wanted to live. Within a week, she invested her money in creating prototypes that would support the vision and within six weeks, she had a new home that was completely paid off and money in the bank to invest in her i’MAGINT Life system.

Let Success Flow to You

In her free course, “Grow In Your Divinity, Grow In Your Success”, SoFeya teaches students how to tap into water’s powerful properties. Learn how to let success flow and drink it in with every sip of water.

Empathy and Relationships

My father taught me early in life that empathy and relationships go hand-in-hand. I am grateful he did, because during my teen years, I spent time with a family that treated me like a slave.
I was expected to cook and clean for them day and night. Leaving the house without their permission was not allowed. They required any friends or family who came to see me to get their approval first. The situation was so stressful for me, when combined with the constant bombings and deprivations of the war, that it led to the premature birth of my daughter and the death of my infant son.

A Tough Choice

I faced two choices: Allow the way they treated me to change me or to rise above their treatment, find reasons to empathize with them and their situation, and refuse to allow my heart to change because of the way they treated me. Empathy saved me from becoming bitter and jaded, developing a soul as ugly as the behavior they exhibited. I doubt I would have handled things the same way without that early training from my father.

It allowed me to form healthy relationships with other people. Those relationships form the cornerstone of my success. 

Developing the Needed Skills

Empathy was not a hot topic back in the late 1970’s and 80’s. There were not a lot of people out there teaching about it. Today, it’s a subject of frequent discussion, but there are few courses out there helping people develop skills in empathy.

When Robin Hills offered to include his course on empathy among EmpoweringHumanityTV.com’s classes, I was thrilled. I knew how important this was to helping the members of the Empowering Humanity community improve their lives.

The Benefits of Empathy

In addition to helping people overcome trauma, empathy is a soft skill that can help people improve their work and family lives. It can increase their chances of landing, and keeping, high-paying jobs where the ability to form relationships is essential.

Learn more at: EmpoweringHumanityTV.com/classes/courses/insights-into-empathy/

Become an Abundance Super Attractor

There was no one to teach me how to become a worthy queen and abundance super attractor when I was younger. I missed out on so many opportunities because I did not know my worth.

Losing Opportunities to Attract Abundance

My mother worked as an embroiderer in a bridal shop when I was living in Saudi Arabia. The owner wanted to pay me good money to model her wedding gowns. It was an opportunity to attract the abundance I wanted.
However, I didn’t feel good enough to work alongside the other models because of my limited education. I quit the job. I let my insecurities cost me a chance to create a better life for myself and my daughter.

Encountering an Abundance Super Attractor, Petia Kolibova

Years later, I met a young woman named Petia Kolibova. She specialized in teaching women how to overcome those insecurities and become worthy queens and abundance super attractors. Her motto is “Be Unapologetically Worthy!
I’d already discovered my own path to attracting abundance, but I recognized the value that she could bring to women who were struggling. That’s why I invited her to partner with me in sharing her online class,  “Be Unapologetically Worthy!” on our EmpoweringHumanityTV.com/classes site.
If she could empower even one woman to believe in herself and avoid the struggles I faced on my journey, it would be worth it.

A Mini-Course to Overcome the Roadbloacks

Many of the women I know struggle with not feeling worthy of the things they desire. They often do not feel good enough to have the life of abundance they desire. Petia’s course is designed to help those women overcome the roadbloacks and get on the road to becoming the worthy queen and abundance super attractor they were always meant to be.

The mini-course is just five short lessons but it is jam-packed with value. Normally $197, it is less than $100 as an introductory offer. For those who struggle with feeling worthy or good enough to have the things they want in life, learn more on our EmpoweringHumanityTV.com/classes site.

About Petia Kolibova

Petia Kolibova is an alignment women’s coach. She is also a certified breathwork facilitator, Reiki, NLP, & Human Design practitioner.

Her mission is to empower visionaries on the path to embody their fullest self-expression to soulfully expand into a quantum leap in all dimensions of their lives.

She guides women to intuitively connect with their inner vision. This allows them to experience personal and professional magnetism and become unapologetically abundant. Petia gives immense clarity + exact steps to unlock women’s divine feminine by adopting an abundance mindset so they can reach their next level in life and business.

When she is not interviewing fellow experts on her podcast “Unapologetically Abundant,” she is traveling the world with her husband, hosting retreats, or reading. You will also find her in nature, disconnecting from the world and connecting even deeper to herself.

Defending Data Against Hackers and Thieves

The best time to start defending data against hackers and thieves is before they access it. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about the security of their computers, identities, or personal data until something happens.

The Price for Failing to Take Action

Identity theft cost consumers more than $56 billion in 2020 alone according to a report by Javelin Strategy & Research. Allstate Protection Services states that it can take 100 to 200 hours over six months to undo identity theft.

Technological Advances Make Hacking Easier

Hacking tools are cheap to make and easy to access. Amazon carries a range of small, portable hacking devices. No advanced knowledge is required to use them.
Prices range between $39 and $129.  Just one of these devices can allow hackers to copy and store credit cards, record passwords as they are being typed, or read and copy RFID tags, for example.

Smart Technology Increases Data Vulnerabilities

The increase in smart devices geared toward making life more convenient for consumers increases the vulnerabilities of data.  No need to gain access to multiple devices when it’s all controlled by a smartphone. To unlock every bit of smart technology a consumer uses, all they have to do is access one device.  With the right hardware, they don’t even have to touch the smartphone to access it.

Cybersecurity Expert Mack Jackson, Jr. on Defending Data from Hackers and Thieves

This is a topic that my dear friend, Mack Jackson Jr. – the owner and CEO of Vanderson Cyber Group – knows well. As a Cybersecurity Awareness Speaker and TV Host, he spends his days teaching others how to protect themselves while providing powerful tools, insights, and techniques on “How to Keep Your Greatest Asset Secure.”
Visit this link: EmpoweringHumanityTV.com/how-to-protect-your-identity-in-this-day-and-age/ to watch part one and share your thoughts. I would love to hear your perspective.

The Benefits of Vocal Coaching

There are many benefits to vocal coaching. Voices are just like every other instrument people use: it takes training to master the art of using them effectively

Vocal Coaching: Not Just for Singers

When it comes to vocal coaching, many people believe it’s just for singers. However, a good vocal coach can benefit anyone who is required to engage in regular public speaking. Actors and actresses, public speakers and teachers, executives and trainers to name just a few.

A good vocal coach will train their clients in proper breathing techniques, support and posture, sound placement, tone creation, and perfecting vocal control – all of which can benefit anyone whose occupation depends on their voice. For singers, they can also help them increase their vocal range, eliminate vocal breaks, and develop endurance.

Beyond Singing: Surprising Benefits of Vocal Coaching

While vocal coaching can improve anyone’s singing or speaking voice, there are other benefits as well. Many who have undergone vocal coaching have experienced an increase in confidence both on and off stage. Singing also reduces stress and increases feelings of happiness and well-being. Studies have reported that subjects who engage in vocal coaching increase their mental awareness and alertness.

Stephanie Thompson: Vocal Coach

Many people believe that great voices are something a person is either born with or not. However, Stephanie knows the truth: good voices aren’t born. They’re trained.

Flawless performances do not happen by accident. They require regular training and a lot of practice. Stephanie approaches coaching with an overall goal of helping the singer achieve a finer grasp of musical style. She also assists clients in exploring performance practices of certain eras, style characteristics of select genres, and unique compositional traits of popular composers.

A Testimonial from Cody Heard – Organist and Singer

“After working with Stephanie Thompson as my Vocal coach, my singing improved dramatically.I would highly recommend Stephanie if you’re a singer at any level.I had better breath support and my natural voice really came out so that I was singing more freely and my voice was stronger. Now I love singing even more than ever because I’m so comfortable with my technique and my confidence level is through the roof. She has the ability to really delve into your voice and bring out the best voice you have!”

Discover More about Stephanie’s vocal Coaching