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• Information about the Facebook Live program
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Information about the Facebook Live program

The Facebook Live program is one of the ”Empowering Humanity Through Music” Programs, where Stephanie teaches voice lessons.

This program is for people of all ages.

Stephanie helps you discover your gifted voice so you can express your feelings, get comfortable and heal. She gives you the confidence you need and inspires you to share your God given voice with the world.

Stephanie teaches from the heart and touches the soul.

We invite you to be part of our ”Empowering Humanity Through Music” Facebook Group community Program with Stephanie Thompson, where artists share their knowledge, wisdom and insights to help rising artists be the best they can be and learn the power of the universal language of music so we can heal the World together!

NOTE: Make sure to check back again to learn more about our upcoming programs and additional opportunities to heal through music. We are adding new ways of approaching healing through music regularly, so stay tuned!

Join us for Free Vocal coaching on Facebook Every Thursday at 6PM PST and 9PM EST.

Save the upcoming dates in your calendar! 

Thursday August 6th at 6PM PST – How to Interpret and Sell a Song

Thursday August 13th at 6PM PST – How to Practice Your Voice 

Thursday August 20th at 6PM PST – How to Memorize a Song

Thursday August 27th at 6PM PST – How to Build Your Repertoire 

Thursday September 3rd at 6PM PST – How to Audition

Thursday September 10th at 6PM PST – How to Market Yourself: With Special Guest Aimmee Kodachian

Thursday September 17th at 6PM PST – How to Raise the Bar in Your Singing

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Watch Stephanie Thompson's Facebook Live Show

“Stephanie is a talented and insightful voice coach. Out of all of the voice coaches that I have learned from, she is the one who really helped me find my natural voice.She made me feel confident and also guided me with my stage presence. After working with her, she was able to help me by hitting higher notes and having better breath support. Because of her, singing has become a way of life to me. I can’t thank her enough for that. I highly recommend Stephanie no matter where you are at with your singing experience. She will guide you, challenge you, and encourage you, and will overall shape you into a better singer.” – Alexa Han