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We empower humanity through our inspiration and education programs

Empowering Humanity’s Movement is unique and one of a kind. Our mission is to support the “Tears of Hope” cause and deliver the MESSAGE- of the 12-year-old girl-Aimmee Kodachian, author of “Tears of Hope.”Aimmee grew up during the 1975 Lebanese Civil War, where she lost her older brother and hero, Robert, in front of her eyes to a bomb. She escaped death three times to fulfill her destiny. Our commitment is to give VOICE to the millions of children and mothers affected by the horrific tragedies of war—Delivering their powerful messages through Aimmee’s eyes. Inspiring people worldwide to pay more attention to leaders who make decisions based on their political and religious belief systems, not Love and Peace.

  • To gather like-minded people and leaders from around the globe who are willing to open their hearts and minds, set aside their political and religious belief systems, and stand up for peace. 
  • To create awareness about the horrific tragedies and challenges that happen daily during a war, destroying and torturing the beautiful spirit of humanity.
  • To give an opportunity to people like you to be part of this incredible movement who are passionate about making the world a better place.
  • To be the voice for families, mothers, and innocent children of the world who are going or have gone through war, let them know that they’re not alone. We’re paying attention, hearing them, and feeling their pain. 
  • To lead our NEXT GENERATION through inspiration and education, giving them much-needed hope, direction, and love resulting in sustainable peace and harmony.
  • To work together to elevate humanity’s consciousness, experience the true meaning of life, and begin seeing the beautiful light of our Creator God.