7 Ways To Resolve ANY Conflict

7 Ways To Resolve ANY Conflict

Pragito Dove

7 Ways To Resolve ANY Conflict

Many of us dread conflict. We wish we could all just get along. 

Life, however, has other ideas for us. Everyone is here to be there true selves, have their own opinions, likes, dislikes etc. How boring things would be if we all agreed on everything all the time. Where would our creativity be needed? 

The exciting thing about conflict is that it forces us to expand into a greater creative expression of ourselves. Every time I have found the courage to call someone to task and have a discussion about our conflicting opinions, good things have happened. It doesn’t mean I always get my way, but I do put myself in a position to express my opinion, speak my truth, and listen to their side. Then I have a CHOICE: find an agreement, or walk away from the relationship/situation. And, importantly, I feel good about myself, that I have made every effort to find a resolution. 

If we don’t speak up, we are sitting on an energy of resentment, fear, or frustration  which can lead, later on, to unconscious expressions of that same energy which will probably not have good outcomes.

Conflict is not inevitable. Conflicts are created by people and people can choose to end them. This cannot happen if the parties are set on victory instead of compromise; or, while they prioritize self-centered interest over the highest good of everyone concerned.

When the willingness to be available for discussion exists, there is no conflict that cannot be resolved.

If conflict is rooted in an ‘us’ and ‘them’, or ‘me’ and ‘you’, approach, then peace-building is precisely the opposite. We have to get past the adversarial mind-set, and involve everyone concerned in addressing the common challenges, listening to other points of view, and seeing where we can meet, with an emphasis on what we DO agree on, and not on what we don’t agree on.

When the focus is on what we all want, and not on what we don’t want, there is a higher possibility of success.


Our personal histories are all, in one way or another, shaped by the legacies of conflict. But as profound and deep-rooted as our differences may be, it is in our power to redefine those legacies, and, in so doing,  redefine ourselves. Wherever we live in the world, we must recognize that ‘peace’ is not something you can win; it is something that has to be built and shared.

Here are 7 suggestions for conflict resolution:

  • Start with the points you all  agree on. This sets a positive foundation of agreement to build upon.
  • Can you all agree that the outcome you want is for the highest good of everyone concerned?
  • Are you willing, if necessary, to set  aside your personal interests for the highest good of everyone concerned?
  • Can you allow yourself to admit you are wrong?  And/or admit that you hadn’t seen the situation from the other person’s point of view?
  • Are you speaking from wisdom or from self-centered ego?
  • Do you want to be right, or be happy?
  • Before starting a conflict resolution do one of the following meditations, either alone or with the other people, to  release tensions and emotional charge, and to help bring your wisest self to the table. The more you are at peace within yourself, the more likely you are to manifest a positive outcome.


Setting an Intention Meditation – Two Minutes

Set the intention that you want the outcome of your discussion to be for the highest good of everyone concerned. Sit silently, eyes closed, relaxing into acceptance of what is, with compassion for yourself and everyone involved.

Reproduced with permission from Pragito Dove www.discovermeditation.com

Can Mental Programming Help You Lose Weight?

Can Mental Programming Help You Lose Weight?


By Judi Moreo

Weight loss is a common goal for men and women. With the numbers of obese people rising, particularly in Western countries, dieting programs and weight loss books and products are becoming increasingly popular.  There are over one billion obese adults in the world. Obesity is known to cause a range of health problems from high blood pressure to Type 2 diabetes.


Traditional diets and diet programs can help with weight loss but sadly the majority of those who lose weight on diets either regain the weight or simply give up before achieving their target. The latest studies into weight loss suggest that one key component that is often overlooked is mind-set. Your attitude is a crucial component to the successful outcome of any diet plan you choose to follow.


Mental programming can play an invaluable role in weight loss and subsequent weight maintenance once you have achieved your goal.


To maximise the effectiveness of your weight loss program you can use more than one mental programming method.


Affirmations used daily will focus your mind on your goals and strengthen your belief in your ability to achieve them. Make sure you display them around the kitchen on your fridge, freezer and food cupboards.


A vision board can be really helpful for weight loss. Add pictures of what your life will look like as a slimmer, healthier you. Include outfits you would like to wear. You could add images of treats (not food) you will give yourself as you lose weight. Will you treat yourself to a dream holiday? Add that in. You can also include affirmations.


Creative visualization is another powerful method for programming your mind for weight loss success. This is because it involves you imagining the change you want to make and putting yourself in the picture and living in it. It is like imagining yourself stepping into a movie of your future life as a slimmer and healthier version of you.


Instead of opting for invasive surgical procedures such as gastric band surgery, you caan opt for the installation of a virtual (hypnotic gastric band). This form of mental programming is undertaken through hypnosis. It requires commitment and listening to hypnosis recordings on a regular basis before and after the virtual surgery to ensure the mental programming stays in place and is effective.


A weight loss coach is another alternative. The coach will help you create a suitable goal, outline a plan, identify any possible pitfalls and help you create the correct mind-set to achieve weight loss at a healthy rate. They will help you remain motivated and accountable.


Mental programming is an effective method for helping with weight loss provided you are determined to lose weight and committed to making changes in your diet, lifestyle and attitude.

Judi Moreo is one of the most recognized personal growth trainers and coaches in the world. She is the author of 24 books including 2 international bestsellers, “You Are More Than Enough” and “Ignite the Spark.”  As a personal achievement coach, hypnotherapist, and NLP practitioner, Judi will help you discover that you really are More Than Enough to achieve the success you desire.  She has informed, inspired, challenged, motivated and entertained audiences in twenty-nine countries around the globe.   Judi has received many awards including the Woman of Achievement, Entrepreneur; the Nevada Business Person of the Year; has been inducted into the Business Hall of Fame; and in 2020, received a HerStory Award from the Women’s Federation for World Peace. To contact Judi Moreo, judi@judimoreo.com or 702-283-4567.

A Fresh Start for 2023

A Fresh Start for 2023 

By:Aimmee Kodachian.

A new year brings with it fresh starts. It is an opportunity to reflect on the past and rewrite your story in the coming months. No matter what happened in the past year, you can make 2023 your own by setting achievable goals and making a plan to reach them. Let’s take a look at why starting anew this year is important and how to go about doing it. 

Why Starting Fresh Matters 

Each beginning of the new year is a great chance to look back on all your amazing achievements from last year. Think about what you want to do completely different this time around and how these changes can bring out even greater potential in yourself! It’s an opportunity to reset, recharge, and refocus so that you can start fresh with an open mind and heart. That way, you can create realistic goals that are tailored specifically to you.

Making Changes That Stick 

If you want your new plans to become a reality, the key is creating an actionable strategy that will keep you focused and motivated. Get ahead of the game by breaking down each goal into smaller steps – this way it’s easier to stay on track with what needs done in order for success! Additionally, having specific plans also makes it easier to track your progress over time so that you can see just how far you have come! 

Set yourself up for success by forming healthy habits like eating right, exercising regularly or taking time out of every day for some self-care activities like yoga or meditation if those suit your needs best. You should also aim at removing distractions from your life such as social media apps or video games which might be preventing you from staying focused on reaching your goals; this could mean deleting these apps altogether or simply limiting the amount of time spent on them each day/week/month etcetera. Lastly, surround yourself with people who encourage growth in order for them motivate and support when needed along the journey towards achieving your desired outcomes!  

Starting fresh with new year is essential for growth – both mentally and emotionally – allowing us all to feel renewed when approaching our endeavors with vigor and enthusiasm going forward! We must never forget, however, that developing strong habits such as setting achievable goals and creating actionable plans are critical components in order for us to stay focused on our desired outcomes while also remaining aware of distractions along the way that may prevent us from succeeding entirely! With these tips in mind, let’s make this year the best one yet!