What’s Your Story?

By Judi Moreo

I recently had the chance to interview my long-time friend, Aimmee Kodachian, a two-time Global Award winner, on my television show “What’s Your Story?” airing on the WWDBTV channel on Roku. Having been fortunate enough to work with Aimmee on various ventures, I’ve had the opportunity to see how she serves as a source of inspiration to others and her story exerts a deep impact on all who read or hear it.  That’s why I felt it imperative to interview her on my show and to share the message from that interview with you.

Alongside Aimmee, I also spoke with the immensely talented rising star Stephanie Thompson—a classically trained singer-songwriter and vocal coach—and Rey Fernandez, a composer for film, TV, games, and songs.

Aimmee Kodachian wasn’t just recognized with the Global Award once but twice, a testament to her incredible work. She is the publisher of Empowering Humanity Magazine™ and wears many hats: Aimmee is the author of “Tears of Hope,” her incredible life-changing story. She is also a keynote speaker, TV show host, and producer. In fact, she produced my first show 15 years ago.   Beyond these roles, she’s developed a dynamic online platform, EmpoweringHumanityTV.com, dedicated to providing people around the world with inspiration, education, and transformative life programs.

Aimmee’s resilience can be traced back to her tumultuous childhood. She grew up amid the horrors of the Civil War in Lebanon. As a child, Aimmee struggled with severe dyslexia, leading her to be held back in school year after year. Additionally, she bore the scars of sexual abuse from the tender age of seven. Yet, in the midst of these challenges, she held onto her dreams and aspirations.

One fateful day, while discussing their futures in the living room, 12-year-old Aimmee and her 20-year-old brother, Robert, were full of hope and making plans for Aimmee’s future.

However, unexpectedly, tragedy struck their home as Aimmee went to grab Robert’s tea from the kitchen. Just two steps in, a bomb hurtled through the window, taking her brother’s life right before her eyes.

In the midst of the chaos, her mother’s panicked screams pierced the air, intensifying the cacophony of terror. The acrid sting of smoke overwhelmed her senses, while the relentless impact of the bombs caused their apartment building to tremble. Aimmee watched in horror as her father frantically tried to prevent her mother from throwing herself out of the window.

That horrific day altered Aimmee’s life irrevocably. Her family lost everything and found themselves homeless. They had no choice but to send Aimmee and her six-year-old brother, Roger, to a boarding school in the mountains for their safety. As the war raged on, roads became impassable, trapping the siblings in the mountains for several months. Facing scant food and water supplies, no electricity, and the unbearable uncertainty of reuniting with their family. At the tender age of 12, Aimmee had to adopt the role of a maternal figure to her younger brother. She grappled with feelings of loneliness, neglect, and fear.

Yet, just as despair threatened to overwhelm her, a miraculous event occurred on the playground of the dilapidated boarding school. Aimmee felt enveloped by a radiant light, and in that profound moment, she experienced what she calls God’s gift—the “Miracle Light”—that has guided and shielded her throughout her life’s journey.

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