What am I?

By Audra Hajj


I am the creator of empires. I am the maker of kings. I am the difference between CEO and employee. I am completely controlled by choice. I can extend the hours in your day. I can rob you of potential opportunities. I can stop you from reaching your goals. I can get you to your goals faster. I am the most undiscovered and ignored asset. I am the driving force behind every successful person. I am time management.


As an executive coach, many of my clients come to me with problems that seem to elude even the highest and most successful executives in business. But after launching and working with over 3,100 companies since 2006, I have seen a common denominator in success. Success comes to those who manage their time wisely.


Most very successful executives get up early. Very early. Think about this, most working people set their alarm clocks for 6:30 AM. A high percentage of those people hit snooze for another 25 minutes. That is 125 minutes a week wasted, and equates to 6,250 minutes a year assuming you get 2 weeks vacation per year. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. So the average working person wastes 4.34 days of their life on hitting snooze!


Now, let’s look at the successful executive routine. The 4 AM Club. Executives that are part of this club are commonly asked by their peers and employees “ How do you get so much done in a day?” The truth is we all have the same 1,440 minutes a day but how we use them makes a difference. Here is a sample of a 4 AM club member’s morning.


The 4 Am Club Morning Routine.


4:00 – Wakes up to silence. It is said that the first 20 minutes of your day will set the tone for the rest of your day. So right off that bat they have peace and quiet and start to reflect on things needed.

4:30 – Do a self-care routine. Workout, stretch, Yoga, meditate on things of this nature. Normally when they select their routines they add them to every day of the week and do them without excuses.

5:30 – Straight to emails.

6:45 – Check their appointment calendar & prepare or review materials for meetings.

7:00 – Create their daily to do list


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