Brandy Miller

Lance Alred

Jan Dunnagan

Oh my goodness…clarity – confirmation – inspiration – insights – tools – motivation – loved this seminar Aimmee…thanks ever-so for sharing who you are so we can explore more of who we are!!! loved it! Love you!!! Keep going…”

Cindie Schum

My income increased $35,000 after I received coaching from Aimmee. What an inspiring and methodical instructor Aimmee is… I am so looking forward to another successful year. Because of her guidance and the ongoing success in my business and personal life, I follow everything Aimmee teaches. I highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their life or business, to check out what Aimmee has to offer!

Eric Johnson

“In a world filled with experts and speakers, Aimmee Kodachian is truly unique one of a kind. What’s amazing and powerful about her classes is that Aimmee shares her engaging lessons, insights and wisdom that she learned throughout her incredible journey.
After finishing the classes, I felt more inspired, informed and focused. Seeing my life and business from a different perspective helped me get clear on what I want, know my why, and work toward making it happen.
Life only rewards action. Investing in these classes is a small price to pay for all the rewards and change that you will receive.’

Miro Merhi

I thought by having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of life that I had exactly what I needed to achieve success in life. Aimmee quickly showed me that having a solid foundation is only part of achieving one’s greatness. She walks us through each of our preconceived notions that are blocking us from moving forward, then shows us how to retrain our mind with the correct mindset to approach each hurdle, slowly transforming the way our minds overcome prior mind blocks, which now have become smaller obstacles we can overcome.Thanks to Aimmee for showing me how to transform my approach to handling different situations. In a magical way, she makes sense of situations of how the human mind works and gives us a way to work around these blocks we commonly come across. The knowledge I learned from this course is priceless! Thank you, Aimmee Kodachian

Rev. Maria Boyd

From the first time I heard Aimmee speak at one of her events, I knew this lady had something Special. That special day, Aimmee touched my life in many ways. She opened my mind and heart, which caused me to start focusing on my purpose in life.

Recently I called upon her expertise to help me take my Vision to the next level. I was so glad I did because once again, Aimmee used her Amazing talent. She was able to help me turn my program from a good idea to a great, powerful, needed program. This was all done by using a simple solution (simple for Aimmee) by presenting the program through a different perspective. I know Aimmee has a Special Ability that can help you with your mission by Guiding you and giving you a clear Direction to your destination.

Stephanie Thompson

If you had met me in 2011, you would not recognize me as the same person I am today. I had no clear direction for my business or personal life. I was dealing with doubts and frustration that were holding me back. I was lucky to be one of the first to get access to Aimmee’s teaching. She took me under her wing, guided me, and gave me Tools, Techniques, Steps, and Clear Direction to discover my Negotiator Mind™. She transformed my life and helped me to get out of my own way and step into the successful life I have now! Aimmee has a very unique and effective way of teaching. I have no doubt that if you let Aimmee help you get to know your Negotiator Mind™, you will be able to see and experience amazing results in your business or personal life!

Josh Carpenter

A lot of coaches have told me what I WANTED to hear. Not what I NEEDED. I must admit that there was a little bit of sting when Aimmee was telling me what I needed to hear. But it didn’t take me too long to realize how INTELLIGENT she was. Aimmee starts from the inside out. She showed me the process and gave me the tools that helped me in my business as well as personal life. I learned from Aimmee more than I have ever learned from COLLEGE!