Les Brown

“When you want a speaker, you want someone who has content, who is inspiring, and who can move your audience. Aimmee Kodachian can do that. I saw her. If you want to look really good for the speaker that you bring in, remember this name: Aimmee Kodachian. She’s got greatness in her.”

Debbie Cohen

I was dealing with my own personal issue when I came again across Aimmee’s speech for the 24th WFWP National Assembly speech and this time I listened more “closely” than the first time. I “felt” it even stronger than the first time that I had watched it and heard it. Aimmee’s insight unlocked the answer to what I had been struggling to find.”
“Aimmee is a heartfelt and genuine speaker who truly wants you to walk away with the message of love and compassion for yourself and towards others. I encourage you to hire Aimmee as a keynote speaker for your event. She will have you laughing one minute and deeply feeling within your heart the next. You will walk away wondering what you can do to change yourself and the world through love and compassion

Leslie Rigney,

“Aimmee, your confident and uplifting attitude is contagious! I watched your webinar and it was lovely! I received what you said as ‘Be aware and accept who you are and challenge the weaknesses.” The thought came “Be afraid and do it anyway”. I also like that you emphasize to free our mind from worrying about ‘why’, to just let the need to know go, and expect in time it will be understood. Thank you, and much blessings to you!”

Diana Lamadrid

Aimmee’s seminar is transformational. In a few short hours, she brings out your inner strengths with a powerful virtual mirror that will send you home a completely different person. I highly recommend Aimmee’s seminar to anyone who wants to achieve clarity, focus and a fresh start towards a purpose driven life.”

Emily Eldredge

Aimmee Kodachian and I first met as keynote speakers at the Women in Business Conference and Ball, and we have since connected on a number of other levels. I absolutely ADORE her! She is a lovely, amazing woman with a heart of gold and a deep desire to serve. Aimmee lights up the stage – and the world – with her love and wisdom. I am honored to know her and absolutely recommend her!

Don Saunders

Mack Jackson