Spotlight on Unsung Heroes: Dr. Reeta Kaul Thukral – A Pillar of Hope, Health, and Education

By Aimmee Kodachian

In a world where so many seek their interests and pursuits, there are rare individuals whose life mission revolves around the service of others. Dr. Reeta Kaul Thukral stands as a shining beacon in this realm. Her legacy, marked by dedication, compassion, and unyielding commitment, extends far beyond her medical profession. She is, undoubtedly, an unsung hero in the heart of our global community.

With over three and a half decades in the medical field, Dr. Thukral’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. As a board-certified internist and nephrologist, she has served in multiple corners of the world, from India to New Zealand and the United States. But beyond her clinical achievements and leadership roles, it is her philanthropic endeavors that genuinely set her apart.

In 2007, Dr. Thukral birthed a vision: The Global Charity Foundation (GCF). Founded in the U.S., this organization took form with a singular mission in mind – to provide healthcare and education to the at-risk and less privileged children and women in Las Vegas. It’s astonishing to see the ripple effects of such noble intentions. From the GCF’s Nevada Student Achievement Program, which annually tutors over 200 students, ensuring they are well-prepared for high school and beyond, to dual credit programs for high school students to start earning college credits and scholarships for college students at two local universities, UNLV and NSU. Dr. Thukral’s leadership and the dedicated teams have made a significant impact!

But her influence isn’t confined to the borders of the U.S. Reeta’s heart for the global community led her to establish the Man Mohini Kaul Charitable Medical Trust in India in 1998, further extending her outreach to children and women in multiple Indian cities.

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