My Why

By Karen Mayo

My nephew, Scott, came to stay with me during his sixth-grade school year.

His mother, my sister, a single mom, had made a tough decision to enlist in the United States Army. Scott could not go to boot camp with her, so she asked if he could stay with me. “Of course,” I said.

Before Scott came to live with me, he ate everything from fast food to frozen TV dinners. His favorite snack was in a bag with food coloring Red 40, Yellow 5, and 6. He was taking ADHD medication, and his grades were a “C” at best. Scott was eating unhealthy foods loaded with chemicals and preservatives. No wonder he was not thinking at his best, which his grades clearly demonstrated.

We established a new routine. Everything was going well. We ate breakfast in the morning. I packed his lunch almost daily, and then we ate a healthy dinner with a big green salad.

One of his teachers called me and said she and the other teachers would like to set up a meeting with me about my nephew. I had no idea why. I thought maybe Scott really does need his medication. He hadn’t been taking it as he didn’t bring his medication for ADHD to my house.

I went to the school the day of the meeting, walked through the doorway, and said to myself, “Oh….My….God! I’m in big trouble.” Sitting at the table were the principal, vice-principal, Scott’s teachers, another set of teachers a student gets when diagnosed with ADHD, and a person from the school district.

The teacher who called me spoke,  “Don’t worry, Karen, you’re not in trouble. Go ahead and have a seat.” Something magical happened; I sat at a table and listened to Scott’s teachers tell me how pleased they were with him. Scott had earned a place on the honor roll and received a certificate from the Blue Mountain Middle School for straight A’s in math.

Wow!! He’s off his medication and excelling in school.

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