From No Self-Confidence to a Powerhouse By Aimmee Kodachian

“And every decade of your life your courage meter changes. The first 10 years you’re fearless until some adult tells you that you’re shy, or you’re a klutz, or you can’t do this, and you begin to believe them. Your teenage years are filled with self-doubt and hormones, your 20s you’re coming out of that phase and going okay, let me spread my wings and see if I can fly and some do and some die. And then your 30s you’re beginning to wonder if you should procreate and leave behind little versions of yourself. And then, in your 40s And 50s, you just get more courageous because you realize “Who cares? We’re all going to die. Let’s have a great life while we’re here.” -Dr. Forbes Riley.

When Forbes Riley enters a room, her presence is undeniable. She has inspiring energy and carries a unique kind of empowered womanhood within her. She is the embodiment of what it means to be successful and follow your dreams.

Forbes is a true powerhouse in the health, wellness, and lifestyle industries. She has inspired millions of individuals around the world with her empowering words and story of success.

From her best-selling books to her numerous appearances on QVC, CNN, and Fox Business News. Forbes has become a leader in the industry and an international public figure. She has achieved success as a fitness instructor certified by both the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and the National Academy of Fitness Professionals (NAFP).

Forbes also co-hosts the popular talk show “Spark” alongside wellness experts from across the globe. In addition, she is an award-winning philanthropist who supports numerous causes. She has created a successful brand and career through her determination, strength, and passion. By overcoming many obstacles in her life, she demonstrates what it means to be empowered and have self-belief.

Forbes is a living example of how you can achieve success despite any odds when you believe in yourself. She models what it means to be an empowered woman – strong in spirit, yet open-minded – creating a legacy that will last for generations.

Seven years ago, I was inspired by the magnetic presence of Forbes Riley when I saw her on television. Her grace and confidence were unparalleled and left a lasting impression on me. When I was invited to attend the “You Will Change the World” event, I had to attend – even though I was feeling less than my best.

When Forbes walked up to the stage, her presence was an undeniable force of energy that captivated the audience. Standing tall and proud, she radiated with a powerful light that shone brightly in the room. Her brilliant smile illuminated the entire auditorium, giving everyone a sense of joy.

When I heard about Forbes’s incredible and inspiring journey to success. I was filled with excitement and hope for humanity. After her presentation, people were waiting in line to talk to her and I was waiting patiently on the side for the right moment to speak to her.

When the time was right, I walked up to Forbes and introduced myself. I told her about my TV show and why she’s a great fit for my audience. She gave me a warm and beautiful smile, “Sure, I would love to. Let’s connect.” She told me.

It was an incredible moment – the woman who had inspired me with her powerful and uplifting spirit was now going to be featured on my show. Once again, I was filled with joy and happiness.

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