Discover How to End Limiting Beliefs

By Judi Moreo

Are limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your goals? You can end them if you want to.

Limiting beliefs are often ingrained within us from a very young age. You may feel that you can’t do math as you weren’t good at it in school and your teachers may have reinforced that feeling by telling you that you weren’t any good at it. If you suffered bullying as a child, then you may feel that you are worthless.

Our subconscious minds store everything we experience through our senses. Some of these will be hidden away but others will be recalled, often unwillingly, throughout our lives. They can hamper development by creating a limiting belief.

Many who are overweight will continue to stay that way as they have been told that they have always been fat, ‘it’s in the genes’ or perhaps they have tried diets that failed.

Mind-set is a key component in goal achievement. It is also crucial for mental programming. The mind is a powerful tool and, if used correctly, and programmed well can help you achieve your goals and the life you desire.

How to end limiting beliefs

  • Identify the outcome you wish to achieve. Be specific. For example, don’t set a goal of losing weight, instead set a goal of losing 20 pounds.
  • Identify the limitations or problems that are holding you back from achieving the goal. For example, if you are overweight, it may be that you eat too many snacks or don’t limit your portion sizes.
  • Take ownership of the limiting beliefs and problems. It is important in this step that you do not apportion blame or any recriminations. For example, simply write down that you eat too many sugary foods every day.
  • Analyze what has held you back and why. Journaling is a powerful tool to help with this step. If your goal is to lose weight, then keeping a food diary and adding notes of how you feel and what you do each day can help you identify any situations that may trigger binge eating.
  • Create the change you need to achieve your desired outcome. The following are methods you may choose to use to help you with this step:
  • Self-hypnosis
  • The Swish
  • Mental movies
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Coaching
  • NLP

If you choose a method that does not succeed then don’t give up. Try another method as that may suit you better.

The key to successfully ending limiting beliefs is not only the five steps above but also your mind-set. It is essential that you believe in yourself and that you want to make the change. As Henry Ford said,

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right!”


Judi Moreo is one of the most recognized personal growth trainers and coaches in the world. She is the author of 24 books including 2 international bestsellers, “You Are More Than Enough” and “Ignite the Spark.”  As a personal achievement coach, Judi will help you discover that you really are More Than Enough to achieve the success you desire.  She has informed, inspired, challenged, motivated and entertained audiences in twenty-nine countries around the globe.   Judi has received many awards including the Woman of Achievement, Entrepreneur; the Nevada Business Person of the Year; has been inducted into the Business Hall of Fame; and in 2020, received a HerStory Award from the Women’s Federation for World Peace. To contact Judi Moreo, or 702-283-4567.