“Conscious Deliberate Manifestation Series, “How the Mind Thinks” By Tim Zimmerman


Think about it, when we were growing up and our parents said, “Don’t play with the ball in the house” or “Don’t (do not) eat so fast,” or “Don’t run around the pool,” what would we picture and what would we act upon?

We would continue to play with the ball, eat fast, and run around the pool, and then we would get in trouble. This confuses the mind because the parent put the picture into our mind, we reacted naturally from it, they got mad and we got in trouble and punished.

Why do we still do this to our own kids, family, spouses and associates?

Because we were, and are, programmed that way. We refrained from knowing better…until now.

Look back to some of the earliest writings. Something got lost in the translations to English.

I was told by a linguistic scholar, during my research, that the translated word “not” meant “Zero” in its original language.

The point I am making is that if you are saying out loud or to yourself, “I am not sick,” or “I am not lying,” or “I didn’t do it,” or “I didn’t say that,” what are you saying to your subconscious mind and the mind of anyone you are saying it to? The opposite of the idea you want to convey and the results you really want to have happen.

So, what are you supposed to do instead of using “Not”?

First, become aware of what you are thinking and speaking. Remember in the SM3 Success Five Laws of Manifestation, the thoughts that you think create the words that you speak to yourself and to others. You can use the SM3 Success Watch Your Thoughts exercise to master this for free. It is a profound exercise that is easy and everyone loves.

Think and Say in positive terms what you want to have happen. Instead of “Don’t run” say “Walk around the pool.” Instead of “Don’t eat so fast” say “Eat slowly and savor your food, it tastes better.” Instead of “Don’t play with the ball in the house” say “Play with the ball outside only.”  Refrain from adding, like most parents do, “But don’t break anything.”  Inevitably, something gets broken within five minutes. Realize they (you) put the image of it in their mind. People do it all the time. You are giving someone directions and at the end, what do you say? “You can’t miss it.” And what happens, they miss it every time. So be mindful of what you are thinking and saying.

If you catch yourself thinking or speaking negative (to yourself or others) say out loud “Cancel, Cancel” and change it to what you want to have happen. For instance, if you are trying to wish someone well on their travels, instead of “Don’t get in an accident,” say “Have a safe trip.” Instead of “Button up so you don’t catch a cold,” say “Button up so you stay healthy.” Do you get it? Or don’t you get it?

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