“Can Music Heal You?” By Stephanie Thompson

Can Music Heal You?

By Stephanie Thompson

I’ve spent a good many years reading different resources on the healing power of music and giving talks about what I’ve learned from those resources. As cited on http://Takelessons.com , singing improves our overall mental health because it releases endorphins and increases our mental alertness, by sending more oxygen to the brain, affecting our concentration and memory.

The power of music to heal doesn’t stop there. One recent study observed a group of people who sang while the other group listened to music. The group that listened to music was calmer, but the singing group had higher levels of Immunoglobulin A, an antibody that fights infection. An article in Healthline 1 also stated that singing has a positive effect on stress, lowering the cortisol levels in the body.

Practicing What I Preach

The Thompson family, of which I’m a prominent member, has a history of trick backs. Mine is no exception. During a recent doctor visit, I was prescribed a shot and two prescriptions, one for Ibuprofen and the other a muscle relaxant.

The shot initially helped a lot. I took the Ibuprofen every eight hours for eight days, but after those eight days, my back pain returned. I was out of the Ibuprofen prescription and I could only take the muscle relaxer at night because it made me drowsy.

At first, I took some Advil and suffered, but by the next day, I knew there was no way I could live with the pain. After a rough night of persistent back pain and nothing helping, I couldn’t wait this out. I had to do something.

What came to mind were all those resources I’d read and the talks I’d been giving about the healing power of music. It was time to practice what I preached.

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“From “ME” to “WE” “ By Angelika Selle

From “ME” to “WE” 

By Angelika Selle

My heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Aimmee Kodachian for launching this excellent magazine, Empowering Humanity, which I believe is a publication whose time has come… a magazine that is needed like fresh air in our current toxic environment, to inspire, uplift, give hope and encourage souls around the globe for peace! Congratulations!

As partners in and for peace, Aimmee and WFWP strive to create an environment for peace and positive change in the midst of ever-increasing conflicts and global crises.

Ending the history of war and conflict and creating lasting peace has never been easy and seems to be an impossible goal because humanity has been in wars and at war since the beginning of human society.

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“How To Be Grateful For People You Don’t Like?” By Pragito Dove

How To Be Grateful For People You Don’t Like?

By Pragito Dove

Gratitude is the foundation of abundance. It is the cornerstone of living a purposeful, rewarding, joy-filled life. Gratitude activates the positive law of attraction vibrations.

If there are people in your life that you don’t like, the negative energy vibrations you transmit toward them drag down your positive vibes, and you end up lower down on the “vibes scale” than you want to be. For example, let’s say on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 is your highest positive vibration, and 1 will be your most negative.

Even if you have high vibes with most people in your life, just having one person you don’t like can drag your vibes down to a lower level.

It is in your best interests to find a way to be grateful to all people — yes, even if you hate them, they drive you crazy, you are completely justified in hating them because of their unspeakably heinous behavior towards you.

Here are five keys to transforming your perspective.

  1. Discover the Root of the Problem

The first step is to spend time with yourself and look into what happens to you when this particular person sets you off. Take the focus off them and shine the light fairly and squarely on yourself. You probably find you’re filled with a turmoil of emotions: anger, frustration, irritation, hurt, disappointment, and so on. Allow these emotions to be there with non-judgment and compassion for yourself.

As you stay present with your emotions, they dissolve, and you quickly re-discover your inner peace, clarity of mind, and well-being. In addition, your sense of humor and creativity return. From this place of wisdom and clarity, you can start to move into compassion and understand that the other person is living in pain and fear and doesn’t know a better way to behave.

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