We all have a story — a story of heartache and triumph. Aimmee’s story of unspeakable hardships and tribulations from early childhood and her relentless will to survive is a true testament to the power of the human Spirit. While it would be easy to fall into a state of sympathy for her misfortunes, that is not what Aimmee wants to accomplish with her message. Her message of love, forgiveness, hope, and peace shall inspire her readers to take a different look at their life.

I was moved by Aimmee’s heartfelt belief that she was chosen to carry on her challenges to prepare for her special destiny in the future — to empower humanity! Like Victor Frankl was able to transform the horrors of the Holocaust to remind us of the power of purpose, Aimmee’s story brings us the message of hope. But unlike Frankl, Aimmee accomplished her feats with just a fourth-grade education! Her wisdom is raw and authentic, her writing style is exquisite, and will touch the very core of your being. Don’t let one tear drop without hope to fulfill your purpose in life.