As a Minister and a Pastor, I have ministered to men, women and even teenagers. Many of the stories I’ve heard would break your heart. However, none has ever touched me as deeply as Aimmee’s story. Not taking away from any of those other stories, I must however say that “Tears of Hope” is one of the most compelling stories of tragedy, strength and courage I’ve ever heard or read.

“Tears of Hope” is a glimpse into what faith, love and courage can overcome. It’s a story everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, nationality or even financial status, can relate to, and benefit from at some level. “Tears of Hope” is billed as the story of a Middle Eastern Cinderella. I’m here to tell you that Aimmee’s story makes Cinderella’s story look like a walk in the park. It is by far more compelling because it’s not a fairytale but the true story of an amazing woman’s struggles to overcome what seemed like insurmountable obstacles in her life. She teaches us that anything is possible if you don’t lose faith in God and you don’t give up. I encourage everyone to read this wonderfully inspiring true story of an amazingly strong and courageous woman. Let her story encourage and inspire you. May the Lord always keep you in His right hand of righteousness