Hi my name is Maral Kaprielian. I am writing this letter as testimony to my dear friend who I think of like a sister, Aimmee Kodachian. When I started reading her book “Tears of Hope” I went 30 years back when her father which is my dads relative came to my dad asking him for help during the Lebanese civil war. When I met Aimmee, she was about 13 years old. She was a tall beautiful girl. She had a sad pale face. Aimmee has lived a very difficult life, but not without a purpose. I was there for her as much as I could be . When she got married I was her maid of honor. I thought her life would get better, but when I witnessed her new life “Chapter 5″ My heart dropped I was shocked at how she was being treated and that was just the beginning of her long harsh life. I am so happy she came through those days and her life has changed, she truly is a special woman through her courage and perseverance it is truly an inspiration for so many of us .