This letter is to recommend Stephanie Thompson as a beautiful singer and beautiful person.
I work with a Non-Profit organization, The Universal Peace Federation, which is in General Status at the UN. We hold Peace Forums and American Leadership Forums with various local and national leaders for the purpose of educating about the Principles of Peace, starting within the individual, the family, the tribe, the nation and eventually at the world level.
Stephanie has come to several of our programs. She has uplifted and inspired a high spirit at our meetings with her singing. She is an accomplished and professional singer. Her heart and love for others is evident in her performance. Her songs are always well chosen for the occasion. She has been a precious gift to us on these multiple occasions.
Since the COVID problem, we have not been having public meetings, instead, meet on ZOOM, or other internet platforms. Once we start again, I hope that Stephanie will come to sing for us again, and we will invite others to enjoy her singing.
Stephanie is always very professional and engages with others in our programs. She is well liked and respected, not just for her voice but also for her quality of character. She is someone who truly lives for the sake of others, giving what she has of herself to uplift and empower others.
I feel blessed to be considered her friend.