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Aimmee Kodachian

Aimmee is the author of “Tears of Hope” an incredible story of overcoming tragedies and enormous challenges. On her journey, Aimmee learned to see light out of the darkness. Her inspiring story is currently in development to be a motion picture

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Aimmee Kodachian is a two-time global award winner, recognized for her inspirational and influential global impact. For her remarkable work in empowering humanity, she has been appointed a Global Woman Peace Ambassador and received the “HerStory” Award from WFWP. 

Aimmee is the upcoming recipient of the 2024 Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism by the Global International Alliance. Aimmee authored “Tears of Hope: My Miraculous Journey of Faith, Courage, and Survival.” Her captivating tale, destined for the silver screen, promises to stir hearts and souls alike.

From the age of seven, Aimmee endured sexual, mental, and physical abuse, dyslexia, and bullying. At 12, her faith was tested for 13 years during the Lebanese Civil War. During her journey, Aimmee experienced what she called the “Divine Miracle Light,” a gift from God that guided her through darkness and uncertainty.

Aimmee deeply understands the emotional effects of war on children. Her mission is to deliver the message from her 12-year-old self to humanity through the “Tears of Hope” movement, her book, and its anthem. 

She aims to raise awareness and provide much-needed help to God’s precious children affected by the horrors of war. She donates 100% of the net profits from her book “Tears of Hope” and its anthem to help children emotionally affected by war through the simple yet meaningful comfort of a Teddy Bear. 

Aimmee’s TV show, Magazine, and online platform provide educational, inspirational, and transformative content created with the goal of raising global consciousness and fostering peace and harmony in the world. 

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