Aimmee is the author of “Tears of Hope” an incredible story of overcoming tragedies and enormous challenges. On her journey, Aimmee learned to see light out of the darkness. Her inspiring story is currently in development to be a motion picture.

At the early age of seven, Aimmee began living the dark secret of enduring sexual, physical, and mental abuse by a member of her family. In this book, refusing to give in to the hardships of her life, she recounts her amazing journey of surviving 13 devastating years of the 1975 Lebanese Civil War.

Due to the war and her severe dyslexia, Aimmee was forced to leave school in the fourth grade with no hope or opportunities. As a child bride and young mother, she struggled through abusive relationships, oppressive poverty, and escaped death three times to fulfill her inner destiny.

In 1988, Aimmee seized an opportunity to come to the United States. Despite having no education or understanding of the English language, she challenges herself and alters her life from surviving to thriving. Today, her resourcefulness and determination have transformed her into a renowned inspirational Keynote Speaker, TV host, and life coach, accentuating the best humanity can become.

Aimmee’s mission is to elevate humanity’s consciousness by providing educational and inspirational programs through her Empowering Humanity TV show, online classes, where she invites some of the top experts in their field to share and teach their wisdom, knowledge, and powerful insights. Including healing through music and community networking events. Giving people hope and guidance to see the light through darkness and make a difference in the world!

75% of Aimmee’s net profits from her book “Tears of Hope” and the film will be donated to children who are affected by war, sexual abuse, and dyslexia.

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