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Legendary Les Brown, Internationally Acclaimed Public Speaker

You have something special. You have greatness in you. Hello, my name is Les Brown. When you want a speaker, you want someone who has content, who is inspiring, and who can move your audience.   Aimmee Kodachian can do that. I saw her. If you want to look really good for the speaker that you bring in, remember this name: Aimmee Kodachian. This is Les Brown, this is Mamie Brown’s baby boy. She’s got greatness in her, and so do you. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.” – Les Brown

Angelika Selle, President of "Women's Federation For World Peace" USA speaks about Aimmee:​

What Dr. Sally Says About Aimmee:

“If Aimmee doesn’t move you, you better check your pulse”​​
Dr. Sally St. James
Licensed Counselor & Keynote Speaker

How the Negotiator Mind™ Program can Empower Humanity and Impact Your Audience

The Negotiator Mind™ allows your audience to tap into the virtually unlimited creative power of their subconscious mind (which is their heart, mind, and soul connection) so they can harness that for immediate use by their conscious mind. Like adding turbo boosters to a vehicle, the Negotiator Mind™ will help them get where they want to go much faster than they ever thought possible with less effort and time invested getting there. 

The goal is to empower humanity as a whole using the Negotiator Mind™ program and teaching techniques, tools and insights to empower entrepreneurs, leaders, executives and/or your employees to enhance their personal and professional lives and have a positive impact in their career.

Here are just a few of the things that the Negotiator Mind™
can do for your organization or event!

The Negotiator Mind™ Can Help Your Employees or Attendees:

  • Gain clear direction on their vision
  • Organize their thoughts
  • Increase their sales
  • Enhance their leadership
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Develop rapport with prospects, clients, and vendors
  • Elevate their communication skills
  • Feel empowered to achieve their goals
  • Liberate them from fear of failure and other limiting beliefs
  • Boost their decision-making skills
  • Accelerate their performance

Make It An Experience They Won't Forget

When Aimmee steps on your stage, she makes sure to connect with each person. She inspires and helps them to open their heart and minds and view their life from a Different Perspective. She leaves them with powerful steps that will help them to get in touch with their intuition so they can transform their obstacles into opportunities in their Business and Personal Life. Aimmee customizes her speech to match your theme. Aimmee also speaks on Leadership, Sales, Motivational and Inspirational topics. Your audience will walk away Inspired, Empowered and Encouraged to take action towards a Better Life.

How the Negotiator Mind™ has Impacted and Transformed Aimmee's Life

The Negotiator Mind™ was discovered by Aimmee Kodachian while living through the Lebanese Civil War for 13 years where she escaped death many times. Due to her severe dyslexia and the war, she was forced to leave school in the 4th grade. She had no opportunities or hope. However, on her long and harsh journey, Aimmee discovered the secrets of how to recognize her Negotiator Mind™ that helped her survive and kept her going in the right direction. 

New Obstacles And Challenges As An Immigrant

When Aimmee immigrated to the United States, she found herself dealing with many different kinds of obstacles and challenges than she had to deal with in the War. She had a 10-year-old daughter to raise with no skills, she was unable to read, write, or speak English, and she had less than $200 in her pocket. The only thing she had was her connection with her Negotiator Mind™.

Even though she did not believe the Negotiator Mind™ could help her in her current situation, she was surprised as she once again began experiencing the power of her Negotiator Mind™. By connecting with and understanding the program, Aimmee was able to use the insights and wisdom she received that would change her life forever! 

What Aimmee has Achieved Because of the Negotiator Mind™

Today, Aimmee is the Founder, Creator, and the Host of the “Empowering Humanity” TV Show, Networking Event and Programs. She is also the creator of the “Negotiator Mind™” online programs, a Transformational Keynote Speaker, Life Coach, and the author of the book “Tears of Hope.” Aimmee is currently working on turning her book into an inspirational motion picture. Her goal is to leave a legacy by passing on the lessons, insights, and wisdom she learned throughout her journey. Best of all, she wants to share the secrets of the Negotiator Mind™ through her programs so others can achieve and enjoy their unique gifts and live their true purpose, just as she is today.

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