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Do you have a book in you? are you overwhelmed with all information out there and you don't know where to start TO GET YOUR BOOK OUT TO THE WORLD?
Do you want to learn the secrets from a multiple-time published author So you Can save time, energy and money and do it RIGHT THE FIRST TIME?


Writing and publishing a book can give you huge exposure and help you establish expertise and authority in your market when done right.  
Want to write a book, but not sure where to start?
Learn How to Plan and Launch Your Book in Just 4 Weeks

Dear Future Author,

Writing and publishing a book can give you huge exposure and help you establish expertise and authority in your market when done right. When it comes to creating and launching your book, it may be tempting to just dive into the world of writing and publishing. But this can leave you feeling scattered, uncertain of your message, and overwhelmed by your to-do list. This is why so many people give up and books go unpublished.
Planning is the answer and that's exactly what this ecourse will help you do every step of the way. When you have a plan in place for how you’ll write, publish and market your book, the process is much more enjoyable and achievable.

Sign up now and you’ll learn the following:

  • • Making a plan for writing and launching your book
  • • Breaking down the writing process into achievable tasks to fight overwhelm
  • • Evaluating the many options you have for publishing your book to get it out there
  • • Effective promotional tactics to market your book and get the exposure it needs to sell

You will receive the following ebooks in the course

  • • Planning Your Book and Launch
  • • Writing Your Book
  • • Publishing Your Book
  • • Marketing Your Book
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