Relief Tool Kit – 6 lessons to Turn Your Overwhelm, Confusion and Frustration into Clarity, Productivity and Momentum – Get Your First Lesson FREE!

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Turn Your Overwhelm, Confusion and Frustration into Clarity, Productivity and Momentum as you ADAPT and THRIVE during uncertain times

Are you seeking deep and lasting relief and peace?

Do you want a single toolkit to help you restore balance and prosperity to the areas of your life?

Do you want to learn from a world-renowned personal growth expert who can save time, energy and money and eliminate the doubt?


We are living in a fearful time because we don’t know what’s ahead and the uncertainty has immobilized so many of us. We don’t know what to do, where to go for advice, who to believe, who not to believe. And so, there really is no normal right now and this has created a kind of turbulence through not knowing!

One of the things we have the power to do is …control our thoughts. This may have to be one day at a time. The challenge is to turn your thinking into solution-oriented thinking rather than panic-driven thoughts. We all know panic can cause bad decisions which results in bad outcomes. That’s not what I want to happen to you.

I want to show you how to control your thinking by finding ways to focus on a positive now and a positive future. Let’s focus on our personal power, our growth, and our success.  We really can program our minds to believe whatever we want to believe. It's just understanding how to do it!

To help make that happen,  I have combined all my knowledge from many years of speaking, writing and researching into a Relief Toolkit – to help you ignite your immobility into action as easily and as time-saving as possible. You need something to change your life that is uncomplicated.


What will you receive in the relief toolkit?

The Relief Toolkit is a support program which is made up of six pre-recorded training sessions on the subjects of

  1. Coping with change and the impact it is having on our lives
  2. Setting and Achieving Challenging & Realistic Goals
  3. Eliminating Negativity
  4. Adapting to a New Environment
  5. Managing Emotional Health
  6. Achieve Power Through Faith


I am going to make it as simple as I can, as I know your time is precious. No one saw the global events that have happened over the last few years coming and many of you had been thinking "someday I’ll…." believing you had all the time in the world.

The crises we've experienced is proof enough, we don’t…  We have to be ready now.

Now is the time to take back control of your emotions and your life so that you can emerge from this as a stronger person who is reaching your goals and feeling as though you have the purpose and passion to move smoothly through the stresses of everyday living.

You really do deserve health, happiness and abundance, together with those you love and those you care about.

That’s why I put together this Relief Toolkit. You can do this by simply giving it a try and seeing how it will change your everyday approach to living!  You have nothing to lose by changing your current circumstances, stepping into your personal power and joining me on this journey of growth and personal empowerment.

Hear what Judi's clients saying about working with her

“I had the pleasure of working with Judi this year on her application to receive the highly sought after Certified Speaking Professional designation with the National Speakers Association. The process brought me in contact with many of Judi's clients and I was moved, not just by their positive comments about her speaking ability, but by how much they genuinely cared about her as a person. And after working with her on this project, I see why so many people think so much of Judi." - Kate Holgate, Speaker Management, Director in Charge of Making Things Happen, Alliance for Success, LLC - Speaker & Author Support Services


“Judi is EXTRAORDINARY in every way. Judi started to work with me in South Africa as a guest speaker over 15 years ago. The message that she delivers is always sincere, relevant and ignites her audience. On a personal note, Judi has been an inspiration as a mentor and coach with great ideas and the tools to make things happen. Judi is an asset to everyone out there!” - Merle Whale


"Judi Moreo is the consummate professional, humanitarian and coach.   Her insight and expertise are surpassed only by her willingness and patience.   As a coach, Judi realizes that each mentee is different.  We all learn at different rates and to a certain extent, in different ways.  Judi makes the effort to tailor the coaching experience so that each client gains the maximum benefit he or she can derive.

Judi’s reputation for quality and integrity has earned her the highest regard and respect within the industry, and beyond.  Simply being associated with Judi has raised my own professional profile.  It has also raised my own expectations of myself.    Working with Judi over the past year has given me a true sense of what is possible.   It’s safe to say that as I realize my dreams, and fulfill my potential as a public speaker, Judi Moreo will have played an invaluable role as coach, mentor and friend!" - L. Eric Culverson, Pres. Technically Speaking, Inc.


"Time spent with Judi Moreo is invaluable.  She draws on a world of experience as a first-rate speaker, a multiple-book author, and an international consultant.   She is a no-nonsense motivator with a genuine desire to help you succeed.  If you want to take your career to the next level, hire Judi Moreo!" - Jeff Civillico, Las Vegas Headliner


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