Grow in Your Divinity, Grow in Your Success (Free Course)

In this free mini-course, you'll be introduced to a way of creating more success and fulfillment in your life, easily and organically, with i'MAGiNT™ as a catalyst for activating your attention (focus), intuition, intention, and action. This course comes with your personal printable PDF Success i'MAGiNT™, introduction video, and Guided Water meditation for Success video. All you have to do is: download and print your i'MAGiNT™, have your water bottle ready, and set aside 30 minutes of your time. Let's grow in Divinity of Success together! We believe that the greater number of people who are living fulfilling and harmonious lives, the better the world they will create for themselves and others. There is no better way to create this world than with i'MAGiNT LiFE™ system. But don't take our word for it. We want you to experience it for yourself! Let's face it, what can be better than creating the life you have intentionally imagined? And that's what this is all about!

About The Instructor

SoFeya SahRa Joseph Founder and Creator of i'MAGiNT LiFE™, bestselling author, international speaker, former Olympic Figure Skating Coach, mystic and alchemist. After her student, an Olympic Silver Medalist, lost her Gold Medal, SoFeya went on the journey of finding The Way to take charge of one's destiny. A high performer and visionary, she gave it all to earn the right to SEE the Unseen and make it available for others. She holds a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, and numerous certifications ranging from yoga, hypnosis, to High-Performance Coaching. She searched the World over to find answers to such questions as “Who Am I,” “How Creation works?”, "What is Truth?" “Why do we have so many religions, philosophies, therapies, spiritual practices, and people still struggle?” She is on the mission to transform "rocks into diamonds,"  show the Truth, and leave a legacy for the future.
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