Abundance Activation – FREE 3 Part Video Series

You could say these videos are your instant peace formula to help bring you more vibrant presence, wellbeing and productivity to maximize your fulfillment and joy in life. These videos will help you access how to be more productive, creative and present with clients and loved ones. You will find you have more time, chaos melts away and you will move from stuck, overwhelmed and stressed to calm, prosperous and productive. When you continue to use these videos, you’ll continue to shift your thoughts, habits and being to shift your WORLD and produce better results and increase your bottom line.

In this course you'll experience...

  • • More vibrant presence
  • • Improved Wellbeing
  • • More Joy
  • • Get unstuck and become calm, prosperous and productive
  • • Get grounded, clear and into a space of manifestation

You'll finally be able to breakthrough...

  • • Chaos and overwhelm
  • • Stress
  • • Disempowering thoughts
  • • Distracted and low focus
  • • Scarcity and lack

This course is for you if you're a...

  • • Entrepreneur
  • • Executive
  • • Leader
  • • Manager
  • • Employee committed to elevating your performance
  • • Visionary and healer

This course is unique because...

  • • Short videos with potent teachings and exercises causes transformations instantly instead of waiting for weeks or months to experience the benefits with other programs
  • • Created by Pragito Dove who has over 25 years of meditation training experience and worked with some of the world’s top leaders and companies. Pragito is an international speaker, hypnotherapist, best-selling author and meditation trainer
  • • Pragito gives you time-tested tools to connect more deeply with YOURSELF. Often, we don’t need more information, but rather a guide back to connection, intimacy and intuition with ourselves. This course provides that.
  • • Unlike other meditation teachers who might teach with super-serious and strict demeanor, while Pragito brings high-standards, she also brings a component of fun, light-heartedness and laughter to her trainings. When you’re able to express all aspects of yourself, you become free to BE.

In this course you'll get...

  • • THREE 5 minute videos
    • • Class 1: Get Grounded!
    • • Class 2: Get Clarity!
    • • Class 3: Manifest Your Vision!
  • • Exercises with each lesson
  • • Instructions on how you can best implement the mindset shifts, strategies and techniques you learn in the course

What are others saying about Pragito's work?

  • • “I’m grateful for your loving, peaceful energy! I feel much more centered, grounded and whole. More abundance is coming in every day.” - D.McK.
  • • “Thank you very much. Your meditations are like a string of most precious pearls – so much wisdom, so much love, peace, and harmony…Thank you!” - A.M.
  • • “Thank you Pragito. I’ve just listened to your meditation videos for the third time. They have helped me immensely to be more receptive to receiving abundance.” – A.G.
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