Why and How “Transform Your Thoughts from Wanting to Having” Began

“Why and How “Transform Your Thoughts from Wanting to Having” Began”

By: Aimmee Kodachian

“As long as I have my WHY, the HOW will appear” ~ Aimmee Kodochian

The story of WHY and HOW the “Transform Your Thoughts from Wanting To Having” online class was developed?

Even though it has been decades, I still remember the day my older brother Robert asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was shocked by his question, but at the same time, I was happy and excited that someone actually cared about what I wanted to do. “I would like to be a teacher one day,” I told him. 

At that time, it seemed like an impossible dream for me. I was dealing with a severe learning disability today, which we now know as (dyslexia), and I couldn’t even graduate from the 4th grade. Back then, learning disabilities were neither recognized nor understood. So, help from my teachers was not on the way. That’s why I wanted to become a teacher so I could help others recognize their potential even if they were struggling.

When I shared my dream and my fear of not reaching my goal with Robert, he looked at me and told me, “Aimmee, as long as you know your WHY, you will achieve the impossible.” Unfortunately, due to the Lebanese civil war and my dyslexia, I could not go back to school.

Fortunately, my brother Robert believed in me. Today, I am here to tell you that I believe in YOU, and I am here to help you achieve your goal!

Hanging on Robert’s words and using the powerful insights I learned through my journey helped me to achieve what was impossible for me. With only fourth grade education, severe dyslexia, and English as my third language, I challenged myself and became the Author of “Tears of Hope,” in development to be a motion picture, Transformational Keynote Speaker, TV Host, Seminar Presenter, Life Coach, and Producer.

However, my desire to help others see light through darkness led me to create an incredible platform-EmpowerHumanityTV.com. Today these classes are changing people’s lives. Here is the link – https://bit.ly/3KVc3th to learn more about the class.


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