Rise Above_ A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope

By: Aimmee Kodachian

We are so excited to announce that the founder of the EmpoweringHumanityTV.com, Aimmee Kodachian, will soon release the new version of the “Rise Above” song/a message of hope for humanity, a big project she has been working on for the last ten years.


On Memorial Day, May 30, 2022, over 60 musicians recorded the new musical version of the “Rise Above” song/message. Once the new version is released, it will be an inspiring, uplifting, and life-changing message for the innocent children in the world. 


The “Rise Above” came about as an inspiration from Aimmee’s experience that she shared through her book – “Tears Of Hope,” her life story growing up during the 1975 Lebanese Civil War. She went through a harsh and dark journey for 13 years. However, she kept her hope alive, persevered, and learned to overcome enormous obstacles and challenges.


Because of her experience, the 12-year-old inside of her aims to send a message to the world through her book and the “Rise Above” song/message. 

“We must put our differences on the side and stand up for the innocent children of the world,” Aimmee said. 


In this project, the children’s choir will be sending a powerful message to the children across the globe. Each child will be wearing an outfit that represents their culture. 100% of the net profits go to helping victims of war and abuse around the world. 


Currently, Aimmee is working with two Rising Stars, Stephanie Thompson, a classically trained singer-songwriter, and Rey Fernandez, a Film, Song, and Game Composer, to help her deliver her message in a powerful way possible! 


In the meantime, Aimmee is working with her team on the “Rise Above” video production. We can’t wait to share with you the new version. It is going to inspire people from around the globe!


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