Eric P Granger

Eric P. Granger is currently working with Aimmee Kodachian, founder and the host of the Empowering Humanity TV show, on the screenplay of her book “Tears of Hope” based on her inspiring life story. 

Eric’s 18 “Best Screenplay Awards” from seven different scripts reflect his diversity and storytelling prowess. Followed by 40 “Finalist Awards” and 44 “Official Selection Awards”, Eric’s writings have been awarded in Spain, Russia, London, Mexico, Canada and a multitude of festivals throughout the USA. Several in the L. A. – Hollywood area. Eric adds, “There’s nothing like the look in someone’s eyes when you have their full attention, engagement, and anticipation.” The latest screenplays include a story about the struggle with human trafficking and the life story of B B King. Eric is also writing a children’s book about using imagination to introduce the wonders of nature. As a songwriter, Eric has written a full-length stage Musical and two of his songs have won “Grand Prizes” in Nashville for their lyrics. 

For the past ten years, Eric P Granger has been writing screenplays, stage plays, songs, magazine articles and a book of short stories. “I love telling unique stories,” Granger said. “I was never one to fit into a mold. I want to present fresh ideas.” Not being constricted by any genre, Eric has written Action-adventure, Romantic adventure, Sci-fi, Family comedy, Drama, Historical Drama, and Suspense screenplays. To date, Eric has written fourteen screenplays and has three more in the process. Four of his screenplays are currently in pre-production, one drama, one suspense, one comedy, and a sci-fi series. Eric can be reached:,, and at Eric P Granger on